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RAWR!! :)
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  Age: 33   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Waco Texas United States
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About Me

-My name is Daniel and I get down!! :)
-Im a very kewl laid back person
-I dont think u'll EVER find any1 else that LUVS muzik more than me, rite now I have 35 gigs of muzik on my comp and Im nowhere near done :)
-Nintendo and Super Nintendo r pretty much the best thing ever made
-I freekin LUV everything about the 80's
-I believe that zombies will take over 1 day, and I shall be ready 4 them :p
-I never lie, I say what I mean and mean what I say, u might not like the words that come outta my mouth but It'll be the truth
-I will ALWAYS be able 2 make u laugh, Ive heard its my best quality
-Twitter is a rediculously reatrded GAY DINOSAUR and I cant wait till it goes extinct
-Im a complete and total goofball and super random :p.
-Ive never cheated on any gf Ive ever had
-I'll bend over backwards 4 the 1s I love, but the list is short and consider urself awsum and lucky if ur on it
-My favorite color is green
-If kickin ass was a legit degree, I've have my doctorate in 3.4 minutes
-I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers, Im the 2nd 2 youngest
-My favorite quote is "If you think you can swing it then bring it."
-I LUV kids, Im great with em, prolly cuz i have 7 neices and 5 nephews
-I hate Waco, and I have 2 sisters that live in Dallas and alot of friends in Austin, so I go 2 Dallas or Austin pretty much every weekend
-My favorite candy is either Butterfinger or Reeses
-I like going on long walks or drive by myself just 2 clear my head and think about stuff
-I love to learn new things
-Im a nightcrawler
-Reality TV is gay
-I like beer
-My friends are my family, alot of my friends are closer 2 me then some of my real family
-I have 7 neices and 5 nephews ranging from 2-22, and u can bet ur ass Im every1s favorite uncle :)
-I know exactly what I want outta like and Id like a gurl that knows what she wants 2
-I dont put up with lieing
-DC and Hurley are my favorite brands
-Theres like a 98% percent chance that I can kick ur ass at Guitar Hero or Rock Band :)
-Sometimes I like 2 roar like a dinosaur
-My fave TV shows are Family Guy, South Park, NCIS, Sons of Anarchy, Royal Pains, Fresh Prince Of Belaire and The Leauge
-I have ALOT of movies and I mean ALOT

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What I'm Looking For

-----------U should message me if--------
-If your not 1 of the 98% of gurls that say u hate drama but in reality ur the soul cause of it and bring it 2 the table gift wraped and everything
-If I sound like a kewl person 2 u
-If u like 2 go with the flow just as I do
-If u need a partner in crime 4 doin sumthin retarded, Im always down 4 that
-If ur so kewl that Its hard 4 u 2 find friends cuz ur way more badass then most people in the world, becuz I have that same problem and I think I can give u a run 4 ur money hahahaha j/k


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