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The Basics
  Age: 33   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Michigan United States
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  Casual, Average
  Yes - not living with me
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  Very Short
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About Me

I am 25 years old, I will be 26 in September of this year (2010). I currently live on the west side of Lansing, MI. I just moved here from Nashville, TN back in August 2009. Originally from Detroit, MI but moved to TN in 1990 and just now getting back in Michigan. I have a beautiful little girl named Prezley who turned 4 years old on June 11, 2010, she lives with her momma in Tennessee but I go down as often as I can to see her. I am a vocalist, I did vocals in a metal band called Destroy By Design that was based in Nashville, TN for about 6 years. Would like to get back into a band but in the mean time working on different music projects. I did the college thing for awhile, I learned what I needed to know in the 3 years I went and got out. So currently just working on my business and my music. Not a big fan of the bar scene, I will go though and have a few drinks if that's what going on but it's not my first choice when asked what I want to do. I would rather think of something new and interesting to do than just hit up the bar. Let's see, my favorite music of course is metal but after that it would be rock, hip-hop, I can pretty much listen to anything as long as it's halfway well written, definitely dig the jazz and classical as well.
What I'm Looking For

As far as meeting a lady, probably some of the biggest things I look for in a woman would be intelligence (this is definitely first on the list), independence, common sense (if you understand what I mean by that you just might have common sense =) , sense of humor, adventurous personality (I like sitting at home watching movies every now and then to but it would be nice to find someone who wants to get outside and do things, even if it's taking a walk through the woods or what not, something interesting. Someone who likes kids (I have one and she's wonderful), not looking for a momma for her, she has one of those, just someone who wants to get to know her and be her friend, she's my number 1 and comes first before everything else. I am a separated parent (never married) but I don't have any baby momma drama or whatever, my daughter's mother and I get along fine and are grown and mature enough not to get involved in each others personal lives other than dealing with our daughter. That being said, I'm not a teenager anymore, I'm getting to the later 20s so I'm not looking for games or drama. Yeah yeah I'm picky I guess. Lastly, looks aren't the most important thing but I do believe there has to be some attraction between two people, I don't need a supermodel, actually that's the last thing I want lol, cute is a good word I guess =).

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