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creative guy seeking partner lady or men
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  Age: 37   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: New Hampshire United States
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About Me

WWE fan since I was 7. I love Horror/ Halloween, The Patriots, cats and...R u ready for this? Cuddling! Omg! Stop the press! A guy who likes to cuddle w/ his girl!! Kayaking, Hiking, Bike Riding, Pool, and most girls who know me,don't know that I am WICKED Romantic and I love doing little things for my girl...of course thats if I like you.
What I'm Looking For

Would LOVE to find a mature woman who wants to cut to the chase, and have wild sex. Buuutt thats probably not going to happen...If you want to though let me know. I will NOT cheat, I am single, If YOU wanna cheat on someone w/ me, I'm game. Anyway,Other sites that I'm on let u read the emails w/o having to "Upgrade". So why do YOU charge ppl CougerLife? Sorry to those of you who have or would like to message The Rock(Me)I'm NOT going to "Upgrade". Who would I like to date? Someone that talks to me I guess. I always end up liking the girl who has a great body, but doesn't really say much to me unless she has to. I want someone who has a very casual, friendly personality. The kind of girl who's hot, knows it, and knows she's too good for the "Bad Boy" or "The Players". The kind who they want to "Tag", but can't, because SHE's too smart, SHE wants to be w/ the guy who will put HER first, Who will be there 4 her when she's sick, if she has a flat, or wants to go on a picnic, or just do something fun together. Not the kind of guy who cheats, just wants to get her in bed, Who looks tough he must BE! Most "NICE GUYS" are a lot tougher than you think and could beat the living s#@! out of the supposed "Bad Boy". I'm the kinda guy, girls want after they have been hurt enough times, or has a kid from the "Bad Boy" who left her. Not that I want kids, I don’t, but as an example. Unfortunately, most girls I would like to be with don't understand this concept yet. Until, like I said, it's too late. Maybe someday lightning will strike. Hit me back...like anagrams?

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