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why cant i leave this blank?
Online: 2196 days ago   Updated: 2195 days ago   Joined: 2196 days ago
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  Age: 29   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: indianapolis Indiana United States
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  Brown, Blonde
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About Me

my name is kevin
im blunt and sarcastic with the people i know. quiet around people i dont know. i have a weird sense of humor that with strangers i refrain from using because more often than not people dont get it. i am overly opinionated about topics i think are important. i dont party. that got left in highschool...where it belongs. never cheated never will and wont tolerate it or deal with someone who has.i cant spell to save my life. if you think your memory is bad mine is worse. i promise. within the next 24 hours i will loose/forget keys ,wallet, phone, social security number, phone number, every password to everything, zip codes, dates, important paperwork and whatever else i touch. dont care about sports...at all.....at aaaallll. love cars but dont care for racing to much atleast on the tv. communication is one of the most important things in a relationship and if you cant do that we wont get along(beating around the bush or dropping a ton of stupid hints doesn't count as communication).i tend to be blunt. thats enough for now. you wanna know more just ask.

What I'm Looking For

my list of things i want to avoid is bigger than my list of wants but heres what comes to mind. intelligence, morals, humor..is a must,sarcastic is always good, someone with a backbone, has her own beliefs/opinions and can back them up, modesty...i would imagine dictionary.com gets a few visits because of that word. if i think i am gaining weight i adjust my diet and exercise. soooo with that said someone who takes care of herself too

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