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  Age: 57   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Denver Colorado United States
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About Me

Well let’s see here, I guess the first thing I should let you know is that I am a Christian.For me, I have learned over the years to trust Gods provision (not without a few bumps along the way) and am continually learning to trust his direction in my life. I do some things regularly to help the process. I pray, read/study the bible and stay active in a church. There is more so if you want more in-depth detail just ask I will go on and on if you let me.

I am a highly active and energetic person...
A DVD and a microwave dinner is ok once in a while but, weeks on end of DVD’s for entertainment will leave me wanting. In general I prefer active hobbies and activities. In the past some of my hobbies have included: lead-follow style dance, rec sports, singing in choirs, community theater, sponsoring youth groups, hiking, fishing, biking, table games, cards, reading, writing, social groups… and I’m always interested to try something new.

I like to help people…
Resently opend a non-profit ministry to the homeless here in Denver.

Many of my friends are artists and musicians...
They seem to have shows all the time and I go and support them as often as I can.

You will find me easy going, open, honest and very curious. I like discovering new things and getting to know new people. I’m more on the introverted side and from time to time need a little recharge time. Often all I need is a walk around the block. In general I would rather be with people even if it’s only one person (like possibly you?). That’s what we’re here for right? We’re trying to find someone compatible by using this tool. I’m interested in long term and by that I mean marriage (I’m a Christian man remember?). But I am in no hurry, neither am I afraid to allow things to go at whatever natural pace they take. If we only become friends in the process, that’s good too. One can never have too many friends.

Good luck to you out there and hope to hear from you soon.

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What I'm Looking For

As far as general relationship issues here are some things I am interested in.

I am more interested in honesty and vulnerability than perfection.
I am more interested in compassion and forgiveness than judgment and justification.
I am more interested in service to others than self promotion.

Now here are some things that are more specific about me that you will want to know.

If you have kids…
I’m good with the fact that you have kids. (mine are grown and gone). I understand what they mean in your life. They will not limit my interest in developing a relationship.

If you do not have kids…
I’m not looking to make any more.


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