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looking for someone cute and nice
Online: 2403 days ago   Updated: 2403 days ago   Joined: 2403 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 27   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Youngstown Ohio United States
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About Me

My names Mike and I'm a nice Guy, I do not smoke, drink, or do drugs...I'm better then that crap! I treat with girls with respect. I've been hurt before so it's going to take a while to gain my trust and really show you everything I have to give. I like to be old fashioned and walk around in public holding hands with the girl I'm dating. I know that this is going to be long so just bear with me and hear me out, I think that the whole point of coming on these sites is to pour your heart out and hope to find what your looking for right? If your not serious about this then why be on here? Sometimes I feel dumb for pouring my heart out on these websites in hope of finding a girl I'd like to be with for a long time. I just want to find a girl that i can enjoy being with and will make me happy and wants to spend time with me and is going to be faithful and honest. I'd just like to for once have a serious long relationship thats gong to last a while because I'm tired of getting my heart broken in the end and having these stupid little two week relationships. I want a girl who I can give all my heart to and get the same in return. I'm looking for someone that likes to be with that person and spend time with them and likes to kiss and cuddle. Sex isn't my top priority in life, I am a virgin and plan on staying that way until I find the one special girl. I'd like a girl that I can trust and isn't going to lie. I absolutely do not want to date a slut...I feel like I deserve better then that. I don't want a liar or a cheater. I don't like girls who smoke, drink, or do drugs. My downfall is I'm very picky and I tend to fall for girls way to fast. I don't think that looks aren't everything but honestly I can't date someone I'm not physically attracted to. Im not interested in girls overweight so please don't waste your time, and I'm not interested in african american women (I just don't find them attractive at all). When i find a girl I like, I put everything I have into that relationship and I want someone who would do the same for me. I love to always have someone to text or talk to, so if you'd like to get to know me or just wanna be texting buddies...just send me a message and I promise you won't regret it
I tend to be a little shy around people I don't know but once I get to know YOU I'm 100% myself and I'd expect the same from you. I'm sarcastic, I try to be funny, and I like to have fun but, I know when to be serious.
I'm not an a$$hole like most people on here, so if you send me a message I will respond

What I'm Looking For

Some cute, funny, attractive, None smoker, Doesn't drink or do drugs, Caucasian, fun, sarcastic, a great smile, and nice eyes. Someone who has a good taste in music. Taller is a plus, But I don't mind short and cute. NOT A SLUT and has proper english

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