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  Age: 40   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Pretoria West Gauteng South Africa
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  None but want some soon
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About Me

This is going to be hard to say here, as a marketer I guess i will be judged by how i do so...lol I am a kind, passionate, understanding, willing, determined, hard working, compassionate, witty, silly at times, weird when i am around weird people. I love to laugh and make jokes, but sometimes i can be cool calm and collected. I have lost a lot though, my fiance died in a car accident just 3 months after he asked me to marry him and be his wife and that was two years ago. I have been torn apart since then, but my father always said that today is all that a person has. I am tired of being stuck in the past and living my life by blaming myself for all that went wrong.Forward is where I am going and I need love to fire me up again, I need honesty, passion, romance and a soul mate. With my fragile heart comes the strenght of a woman, even though my life has been torn into pieces I still have the courage of a lioness to keep on keeping on. I love to laugh and tease at times. I love the unexpected to capture my attention. But it better be on the high road to draw near to Him. I also love a good intense conversation about what I believe. "No compromise" is a lot of what I'm about. If you have loose morals don't even knock on my door. I'll still love you. But we can't make a partnership out of the relationship. I've been described as cautiously adventurous. I will take a risk if it seems worthy. I'm very insightful, but can't read minds.
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What I'm Looking For

I want a man who will make me feel like the queen that I know I am. Who will brag about me to his friends, coz I know I will give him Reasons to, so many that he will not know what hit him. I am seeking my Adam, the one whose ribcage i belong to... where I will be imprisoned by his love, where his heart is my home.am looking for a man that has sincerity in his eyes, he is honest and motivational, his kindness flows in his smile and is embedded in his heart. He listens to the wind and has a quiet spirit. He speaks a language only lovers speak, he has a heart of gold, he is mysterious, but straight forward. A fantasy that is alive in his mind. A man who thinks with his heart, and reasons with it. A man whose smile will light up my heart and his words will caress my soul, whose touch will heal my wounds and his laughter will stir up mine. A man that will love me with my good, my bad, and my ugly. A man that will see right through to my soul and who will speak the language of love,A man that knows and fear God

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