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This is the strangest life i've ever known
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  Age: 30   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Yorba Linda California United States
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About Me

My name is Jeremy (I also go by Jer, Germie, or Jerbear) and I'm 22. Never take me seriously.

-I make the best damn kool-aid you'll ever drink. lol
-I live to make people laugh, no joke.
-I've been told I'm very witty
-My humor goes everywhere and is dark at times
-I'd like to think of myself as a gentleman
-I am "weird" (but then again, what's normal?)
-I've been getting into shape ever since I joined the California Conservation Corps (ask what it is if ya like)
-I'm a firm believer in karma
-I'm very optimistic
-I love nature and exploring it
-I love taking pictures
-I love losing myself in the star-filled sky
-Everybody I know and love come before me
-I'm very caring, passionate, and a romantic
-My favorite animal: Penguins
-420 friendly, but I don't do anything other than that (and even that's rare)
-I'm not the stereotypical testosterone driven male (no, that doesn't make me gay)
-I always say please, thank you, and am always respectful
-I love to start random conversations with people I don't know *but I don't do it in an asshole way mind you*

My hobbies include
-stand up comedy
-playing bass
-driving for hours on end.
-off-roading in my awesome Scion box car :)

I'm working in the California Conservation Corps, in a band called 'Brand of Hero', and working on my online comic series. One thing I often find myself doing is going to the redwoods by my house, sitting down and enjoying nature. I do enjoy putting myself out there and having fun, and I am always open to new things (you only get to live once). I tend to put other people before myself, I am always willing to lend a helping hand, and I love my dogs Max and Diesel to death.

I don't have a particular religion because I feel that living my life as a good person helping others in need and having moral values is good enough.

I am humorous, caring, and just flat-out silly

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What I'm Looking For

What I look for is a woman with a head on her shoulders. One that I can carry a conversation with, whether it be deep or something dumb. I love a woman that makes me laugh, but can be serious when needed to be. A dark sense of humor would be nice, but not all the time stuff. I like having variations in humor. I also love to cuddle.


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