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  Age: 33   Gender: Male   Race: African   Location: chesterfield Virginia United States
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  Very Short
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What's good my name go by Darnell my swag is to respect women at all time even when they sometimes don't deserve to be respected I dated all kinda of girls seen all kind of swags. And i seen enough to understand some girls pain when they try so hard to keep a relationship with a nigga and the nigga don't care one bit about her. Which is real sad man and i hate to see when a girl get play right in her face. And dat nigga try so hard to make up a lie about it. But naw boo breaking his car window not prove anything, messing up his whip not going to change anything boo. I feel yo pain I think woman are the most sexiest thing on this earth. I really do and I really do feel like she deserve to have the door open for her, chair pull out for, treated like she suppose to be treated, cause real talk yo life is some messed up man. And what goes around comes around yo that same dude that break your heart shawty dat same nigga is going to find a girl that he really likes and she going to play him so bad boo. and maybe he will learn But my swag is 90% real ya dig dat shawty I know some people be like well what happen to the 10% and I always say this right here: 90 % MAKES ME A REAL ASS NIGGA YOU FEEL ME BECAUSE I'M HUMAN YOU FEEL GOD WAS THE ONLY PERFECT HUMAN THAT EVER WALK THIS EARTH, GOD GAVE BIRTH TO US WE DIDN'T GIVE BIRTH TO HIM, WE ARE BORN TO MAKE MISTAKES AND I'M NOT GOING TO SIT UP HERE AND SAY DAT I'M 100% CAUSE I KNOW I'M NOT I WILL NEVER FIND MY TEN PERCENT YOU FEEL ME BUT ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU GIVE IT YOUR BEST I'M THE HEAD OF MY COMPANY HATERS ENTERTAINMENT A PLACE WHERE A HATER CAN HATE. I DO MUSIC BECAUSE I LOVE MUSIC IT'S MY HEART AND MY SOUL IT BRINGS ME SO MUCH PEACE BUT A SHAWTY ANY QUESTION HAVING PROBLEM IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP HIT ME UP AND I WILL TALK TO YOU AND HELP YOU OUT HOLLA AT ME
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What I'm Looking For

i'm looking for a kind hearted female that has respect for others and for her self a sweet woman i don't no cheater, i want her to keep it real with me no matter whats going on a female that do things 50 50

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