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I believe in destiny and I feel there is my mate
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  Age: 53   Gender: Male   Race: Mixed   Location: Dallas Texas United States
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About Me

I've never been married, there is a due time for everything, and a man should be ready for such serious step in his life. And now I begin understanding that my time has come... I believe in destiny and I feel there is my soul mate somewhere, and maybe he lives far from me, miles and miles. I value old family traditions and I dream to create a united and strong family with a decent woman. I'd like us to be the best friends. I have some friends, but I feel very lonely. I am lack of caring and understanding person who I could share the warms and tenderness, happiness and sorrow with. I hope our family would be based on love, mutual respect and understanding. Since I understand that there are no ideal people, I do not think my soul mate should be an absolutely positive person. Although I expect her to be kind, responsible and with a sense of humor. I am sure that together we could easily overcome all hardships in our life should they ever happen.

What I'm Looking For

I think love and family are two the strongest things in the world! I dream to meet my special woman who would be unique for my heart and soul, whom I could give my love, affection, tenderness, care and warmth and create a harmonious and happy family make my close people happy. I want my future wife to always be in a hurry coming home from work where I will meet her with tender smile, tasty dinner asking her "Is everything all right, my darling?" And we could spend our spare time together in the way we wish. Lunch in the open air or at restaurant, going to the cinema or football, meeting with friends or quiet evening at home watching TV... We always will decide together what to do... I like flowers and animals and everything beautiful that God created. I enjoy music and theater. I like reading classical and historical literature, especially the history of nations. I generally like everything genuine, talented, one of the kind, natural, not only in art but in real life as well. Sometimes I like to watch a melodrama with happy end. If I try to enumerate what can make me feel happy, you will understand I am a quite sentimental person. I feel happy when I look the dazzling sunrise and the pink rose sunset, the black starlit sky, peaceful and sleepy surface of sea in the summer morning and a powerful fury of winter storm. I feel happy listening to music even if some music forces me to weep because of my emotion. I feel happy listening to morning talking of the birds behind my window and whisper of the playful sea waves, weeping of the fussy sea gulls. I feel happy when my friends call me to visit them. But to be happy in full I need to share everything what makes me happy with a kind and noble woman, who appreciates my love, tenderness and loyalty.

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