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i am looking for my soulmate
Online: 2023 days ago   Updated: 2024 days ago   Joined: 2024 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 59   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: New York United States
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  Yes - living with me
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  Very Short
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About Me

Hi and Thank you for reading about me. It is my goal to find a well balanced healthy relationship with a down to earth woman who enjoys being active as much as spending quiet evenings at home. I have been described by closest friends as a very patient man with a very good sense of humor. I enjoy conversation and am told I am good and attentive listener. I look for relationships at this point in my life to be a place of friendship, passion, companionship and overall a sanctuary. Is it possible, yes it is!

I enjoy giving and receiving affection knowing it has its own value. Being a good and supportive friend is something I can do easily. A rich social life with good friends is something I desire quiet time is important to me as well. A relationship with mutual respect, warmth, loyalty and acceptance is a must.

I am not interested in serial dating or a person engaged in the sport of this, I believe dating is something that takes mutual effort and building a relationship does as well. If you are someone that can pick up the phone and say HI would you like to go for a walk" when you would like to go for a walk, or "I just heard about this event or that restaurant would you like to check it out with me?" Call me please! I will do the same. I think the moments when you are together with someone in ordinary circumstances are the ones that matter, dinners are nice for a time when dating but lets be bold and see each other under less formal circumstances too.

I have not had the opportunity to travel much except for business purposes and I want to share this experience with someone. Car trips appeal to me too, its nice to be alone and listen to music and just be able to focus on someone with nice conversation. I enjoy candlelight and wine. An affectionate and passionate relationship is something I hope to share with someone too.

I enjoy going to sporting events,Like football matches and basketball games....I love to golf as well. Recently I have gotten my schedule more under control and am exercising regularly and cant wait to describe my self as "fit" but its a work in progress at the moment!

I am passionate about my life, my work, my spiritual journey, and the person I would share my life with. I have been described as intense, laid-back, very intelligent, passionate, compassionate, emotional, adorable, handsome, spiritual, creative, fun-loving, athletic, inspiring, honest, direct, challenging, loyal, witty, funny, .....and, as you well know, there is also the other adjectives to describe me (or else I wouldn't be divorced and looking for 'love' on the internet!)

What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for a woman who is : Physically attractive, aware of and values her spiritual journey, playful, comfortable with who she is, intelligent, doesn't take herself too seriously, financially secure, ambitious, loves the outdoors, physically fit, sensual, comfortable doing nothing as well as ?????...

I'm not looking for a fairy tale, just the real thing. For me that means I have a growing preference for the ordinary in my life, and, when I slow down and am really present (instead of in the past or future), I discover the 'extraordinary' in the ordinary. Don't get me wrong here, I do enjoy traveling to nice places, having new experiences, etc., but all that's a bonus.

I feel joy experiencing something wonderful, and at the same time, feel sadness about not having someone to share that joy with.

I can get excited by the energy of 'initial attraction'. I don't, however, confuse that 'initial attraction' with genuine love. I believe that a committed, loving relationship takes work and a commitment to grow with each other (after the 'honeymoon'). That's the wonderfully mysterious journey I seek to share with a life partner!


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