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"Howard Roark laughed." Yep, he damn did.
The Basics
  Age: 32   Gender: Female   Race: Asian   Location: Osaka Japan
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  Clean Cut
  None but want some soon
  Occaisional smoker
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About Me

+I love my life and life loves me. +I love my family and friends, they are the bestest people in the world. +I live for people who can make me laugh. +I like to meet random people in the bathroom line. +I act more confident than I am. +Im stubborn as crap. +I like to win. +I hate drama. +Im a helpless romantic. +I love to sing in the shower and drink beer till my tummy hurts. +I dance at home by myself 'cause I'm sweet ass. +I have a black belt in shopping. +I like going for walks with no where in mind. +Falling asleep during movies. +Laughing at myself. +Laughing at the most retarded things. +I love love. +Sleeping during long car rides. +Trying to make sense out of nothing. +I love moving around. +I am a "MUSIC child".
what else? well, i love being me.

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What I'm Looking For

Basically, I like meeting new people no matter what they are, where they are from, or how old they are. I like to know what they have done and been experienced. Though if you show me disrespect in anyway or if you are just a fake and a liar, I do not want to talk to you.

As far as guys wise goes, I am quite picky. You will see if you are very smart. Most importantly, though, he has to impress me not by his car, clothes, money or his job but with his personality ad how he acts. ALSO, intellectual level is a necessary key in getting closer to me. I consider myself as sapiosexual.

I don't go upfront and say I am mature, or I do know hot to treat a man but I am trying to learn every time I am in a relationship. So deal with it.

By the way, I am here for making friends, just in case if you are up to something. Don't you EVER think you can get some from me just because I am Japanese and I am young. If you want some, you now where to get! Don't get mad because I give you none ;)


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