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Witty woman seeks equal partner for adventures
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The Basics
  Age: 66   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Missoula Montana United States
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  Yes - not living with me
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About Me

After my 55 years on this planet (at least in this go around) I have learned to love myself and accept others for the people they are. I am passionate about life- keeping balance, having friends and family I love, learning new things, the challenges of travel and being in the out of doors whether at the beach or in the mountains. I love to laugh and love being with people who can make me laugh.

I love to read, dance in my kitchen, play scrabble, travel to interesting places, and renovate homes. I love architecture, the arts, world music and spending time with people who are interesting- no matter their age or background.

I have hobbies and can spend time by myself without feeling lonely. I do some physical exercise every day; yoga, dance, weight training, walking or biking. I am a partially reformed Southerner (lived in Jawja for 17 years) so I love hush puppies, buttermilk biscuits, sweet tea, and fried okra. I have lived in 13 states and traveled to 23 countries and found something to love in each and every one. I have friends all over the world many of whom I hope to visit someday.

Things I enjoy: Boggle, making homemade jelly, packing a suitcase, windchimes, making jewelry, baking, cooking over a campfire, listening to music, finding shells, Scrabble, geography, spelling, taking care of kids, first aid, using power tools (I feel sexy when I use a jigsaw, or circular saw ;-} being a good friend.

Things I am not good at; juggling, selecting ripe watermelons, juggling ripe watermelons, typing, coloring in the lines, sitting on the couch vegging out, being quiet, standing by when I see someone getting hurt. (OK occasionally the couch potato thing works for me- just not every night!)

I want to find a partner who is interested in and curious about the world. Someone who is strong enough to share their feelings, who is confident and capable and is looking for a true partner

I am funny, caring, and articulate

What I'm Looking For

First and foremost, I am looking for a friend and companion. Someone I can talk to and listen to openly and without feeling any fear of criticism or rejection. I am looking for someone with an open heart and open mind. Someone to grow up with and grow old with. A person who understands their needs and the needs of their significant other. A person who gives love freely and appreciates receiving love. A romantic person who enjoys being romanced.

I am looking for a friend, a companion, and a lover. Someone whose mind and heart are open . Someone who loves themselves and is therefore able to share themselves with another. A wonderful smile and hearty laugh will win my heart!


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