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  Age: 56   Gender: Male   Race: African   Location: Georgia United States
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  Yes - not living with me
  Occaisional smoker
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About Me

I am not a riddle but I seem to express myself better in poetry because it projects the true me.

“If the shoe fits”

I have always tried to enlighten people
With more than what pleases the ear,
But some of the things that I convey
Are not always what they want to hear.

I never intend to disrespect
Nor cause people’s feelings to sink,
But being assertive is not optional
No matter what others may think.

I will always dismiss a conversation
With people who are blatantly rude;
I never entertain negativity
Nor topics that are bias and lewd.

I will always agree to disagree
And accept when I’m literally wrong,
But I’m often criticized for putting people
In places where they truly belong.

We all have our own identity
And our own intellectual style;
I am sorry if all that I have to say
Is not meant to make people smile.

God Bless!

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What I'm Looking For

“Love Affair”

The pleasure of a wonderful love affair
Is exceptionally a glory divine,
It is truly rewarding and life fulfilling
When honored with commitment and time.

It enchantingly induces a sacred bond
That is not to be torn apart,
It is able to enrich our precious soul
And strengthen the beat of our heart.

It adoringly evolves a fervent treasure
That never will tarnish or rust,
It is capable of securing our happiness
Through unlimited admiration and trust.

We must never anticipate an appreciation
For deeds we are privileged to do,
We must cherish the immaculate esprit of love
Despite what we must go through.

The unity of love is the greatest gift
That is shared all over the land.
We can all achieve this ecstasy
That completes every woman and man.

Copywrite:Gregory Howard

I believe that we all are looking to be finished , full and complete!


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