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single father of 2 seeking arm candy lol
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  Age: 41   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Hagerstown Maryland United States
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  Clean Cut
  Yes - living with me
  Occaisional smoker
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  Very Short
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About Me

I don't drink as much as my pics reflect mostly just weekends, of course there are those days when you just need one or with a good steak or crablegs, but I don't have many pics on the computer they are on my phone sorry now let’s begin. Hello I am scrawny 5'9 165lbs little arrogant (I consider it confidence lol) and sarcastic. If you’re used to that type of personality I am funny as hell so if you’re on anti depressants and/or have low self esteem and can’t take it don't bother lol. Now that's out there let’s continue, I prefer women around my height/weight or smaller no offense doesn’t mean your not beautiful just being honest you’re not for me. I am ugly as hell but expect you to be hot so let’s not fool each other lol. Stupidity is a major turn off and Im not much for tattoos or piercings but not a deal breaker. I am a little country a lot of rock n roll. I consider myself a good guy with good morals but I'm bad enough to keep it exciting. I should have been a rock star but cannot sing, should have been a race car driver but didn't have the money shoulda coulda woulda lol. I seem to get along with younger women although I am mature guess that means I cant act my age its not my fault I like to have fun, now on to the important stuff My kids are my life so if you do not have any or you don't think kids are great sorry but its a package deal. My fiancé died in an accident March 2009 leaving me a single father of 2 an almost 9yr girl and 4yr old boy. Although never officially married not sure how to call it so I figured after 11 yrs I would just say widowed. I had my life pretty well planned out until then and have learned to accept it but I still find myself alone after I put my kids to sleep and dislike not having anyone to share my day and evenings with. I have dated a few and met some really cool girls but no one so far has kept my interest. I am not willing to just settle for anyone I truly want to be happy again and maybe get married one day. I am not looking for a mother to my kids she could never be replaced and I do a damn good job on my own but if I let you in my kid’s lives you would have to set an example and eventually treat them as your own as I would if you have kids. I am however currently accepting applications for another mom/maid for myself who cooks cleans etc lol just kidding. I am addicted to craigslist I will wash and dry laundry all day long but never seem to fold it and put it away it ends up in the basket on the couch or left in the dryer. I do the same thing with the dishwasher when there are more dishes in the sink than what’s left in the dishwasher then its time to switch. The best thing for me is when I hear that I have company coming it gets me motivated to actually clean up the house quick. My mom is a clean freak and growing up that way caused me to be the opposite although I really would love to live in a spotless house I tend to live more in reality not live like a scum but like a a typical bachelor or college guy would. I am a man of my word if I say or promise something its golden even something like a simple phone or text message if I say I am gonna text/call ya later I mean it so you do the same. I will warn you my daughter is a spoiled little princess and my son is so bad he is why they invented birth control lol. I tried to sell my kids on Ebay but they have some kind of law against human trafficking blah blah blah damn govt regulations lol. I am mostly a home body go to work and come home tinker around the house fixing things or watching TV especially UFC (never miss a pay per view) and football GO COLTS! My immediate family live about an hr from me so free time is few and far between without the kids so I was hoping to find someone that is "settled" as well not into the bar scene etc. I like to stay home have a few beers cook on the grill and relax. My idea of a date has to be a park or Chuck E Cheese lol. I am single and looking to find someone who would like to spend some quality time together .I believe that if its meant to be we should want to spend as much time as poss together and should make each other laugh everyday. I do tend to be overprotective or jealous at times and Please please please no ex or daddy drama needed you obviously need not worry on my end I understand you had a life prior but please make sure the situation is okay before hand. I work M-F day shift and between daycare and school things etc. it’s a hectic schedule. I wear a polo shirt and uniform pants at work so when I get home and on the weekends I generally dress down most of the time. Although I clean up nice If your looking for a GQ preppy dressing guy I am definitely not him just because I live in Hagerstown I was not raised here so I have enough redneck in me to wear flannel if needed lol. I don't consider myself overweight but have a belly drinkin beer and eating like a bachelor at all the fast food places every meal really helps lol. I was going to join the gym then I realized weights were heavy and that’s just silly. I strut around acting like I am tough until I get hurt or get sick then I am a huge baby who needs taken care of. I enjoy anything that doesn’t involve physical labor and I know enough to get by plumbing/carpentry etc. best way to describe me is I know a little about everything and a lot about nothing and can bs my way through it if I have to lol. I set my alarms ½ hr early then hit snooze 2 or 3 times not sure why just do? I have a bike and a trailer for the little one and go riding the canal sometimes, If I can get him to cooperate I would like to go camping, if I could find a place to ride I would love to get some 4 wheelers and go riding and one day I hope to be able to go fishing with them and actually enjoy it lol. I love the beach and eastern shore and want to live or retire near water someday just really hard to do a lot with him at this age the way he acts. It’s my fault I did not correct him as I should but he has health issues and with the loss of his mommy I let him get away with everything and now it’s to late Nanny 911 HELP lol. I am thoughtful but not really a romantic. I cannot read minds either so no head games please just tell me what’s up and I will give it to you straight. I am shy at first but warm up quick you could be in my pants by the end of the day if you wanted .I am kidding!! I think that’s a really good description and sums it up.
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What I'm Looking For

I am a pretty simple guy easy to keep happy I have hopes and dreams like everyone else and would like to find someone with similar aspirations to work toward them with. Well you read this far so you’re either fell in love or fell asleep Time is hard to find and very precious if you would like to meet in a low pressure situation in public or at a park for some much needed adult conversation hit me up. Please be local or willing to meet 1/2 way or willing to travel thanks.

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