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I'm a Libertarian guru =)
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  Age: 26   Gender: Female   Race: Other   Location: New York United States
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About Me

'ello, gov'na! I'm a short little jew, to summarize. I'm also a mutt- I'm from over 10 different countries, and I love it. I also love hiking. Also, I'm a senior in high school, I'm 17. I joined this site because I am looking for a certain type of guy, and I think I'm mature enough to be on this site. When given the opportunity, I love to be outdoorsy. I love animals, and if I could, I'd definitely own atleast one pig. I absolutely love rock climbing and hiking cliffy trails =)

I'm probably the only person you know who can make the exact sound as a bike horn, at just about any pitch. XD

I'm very happy and optimistic, what is life if you can't see it from a good perspective? I strongly desire a companion I can truly connect with. Someone random, intelligent, moral, sweet, chivalrous, and someone who values themself enough to care for themself. I'm a very Republican person, and because I have such a passion for politics, I really need someone republican or libertarian. I love sewing, hiking, campaigning, republican talk radio, going to the beach. I'm pretty outdoorsy, and I pride myself on being a strong person. I also love vintage cars =). I'm sunny, sarcastic, weird, funny, and optimistic =)
I also LOVE psychology and philosophy, thinking of what is, what could be, what isn't and WHY. I love it =)

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What I'm Looking For

someone republican, preferably jewish, intelligent, moral, who prides themself on admirable traits

I need someone who can respect my morals. I need someone who puts high importance on their health- goes to the gym, eats well

I also need to be attracted. I want to smile when I see him =)

Oh and someone who intends to hike mountains with me =)


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