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Illusions of Granduer....
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  Age: 58   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Garland Texas United States
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About Me

“It’s the path you take, the step you make that makes you who you are; it’s the life you live, the gifts you give, the love that’s in your heart. Just try to do the best you can to be a better man. You don’t have to walk on water, it’s how you walk on land.” Lyrics to Walk on Water by Jason Crabb
Don't let my profile fool Ya...I'm not a pushover for a pretty face but If you got one, I might let you push me over from time to time...lol.

Laying aside all forms of antagonism and malice...it is my God Given duty to forever speak the truth, garnished with love and laced with kindness. Not seeking my own but rather considering the "other" as more important than myself.

My desire in a relationship is to become a "student". To make a lifetime study of the one who has agreed to share the rest of her life with me. Not because of my perfections but in spite of my flaws. I want to KNOW the essence of her hearts desires, the wisdom of her mind, the riches of her character and the scent of her body when it's not hidden by perfume.

I want to be the ONE PERSON IN HER LIFE that grows old, not just with her, but, beside her. Cheek to Wrinkled Cheek, BLUE HAIR and all.
Those who witness this will see the "sparks", but only her and I will experience the FIRE and never get burned.

To some this may be a pipe dream. A never ending quest for the unreachable, but for me, It's what I've wanted ever since the first time I heard The Captain and Tennille sing Musk-rat LUV. lolololol Okay, so that last line was a bit silly but you get my drift.

I suppose if I were to have one wish for today, it would be that this letter find's a place of rest, in you.

I love to golf, Ive been scuba diving and would go again. I love to snow ski and the mountains. I love the ocean. Love to go on cruises to exotic locations or just hang out and watch a good movie. I am a Christian in every sense of the word. A gentleman through and through. I still open doors for the young and old alike. But I suppose you wont know that for yourself unless we communicate.

So. Talk to me.

I wasn't called to be pushy and I wasn't called to pull someone around, but I was called to Lead in love. I am neither religious nor am I a saint. I'm just a guy who discovered that the one who created me is better able to manage my life than I do, so as much as I can, I let Him.


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What I'm Looking For

I am looking for a woman who knows what commitment really means. Someone who is funny, adventurous, who captivates the room when she walks in. A woman who is spontaneous and can find the good in almost any situation. She takes care of herself, not for the attention of others but just because it makes her happy. She's non-judgmental and she cares about those less fortunate. She doesn't want to be with me because of what I can do for her, but just because of who I am. She's the woman who would be supportive and understanding should something happen to my ability to contribute financially (temporarily of course) and she would be willing to make sacrifices accordingly. I believe that my role as a man is to do everything I can to try and create an environment where she can grow into and become everything God created her to be.
No one likes to be treated like a pair of shoes that can be discarded when they get a little uncomfortable. I'm not a player. I don't do one night stands and the Bar scene is a thing of the past, but that doesn't mean I wont go have a few drinks with someone and dance.


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