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Life is too short to be wasted...
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  Age: 66   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: seattle Washington United States
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  Yes - not living with me
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About Me

I consider myself a thoughtful person, kind, gentle and very patient and understanding. I don't pretend to be something that I am not. I can be content and happy just sitting with someone that I care about watching a good movie sipping some hot chocolate or river rafting down the river. I am always learning and trying new things and new experiences. That is where wisdom comes in to play because it is taking the information that we have and also the knowledge about something and then applying it. This is how we learn from the mistakes that we have made so that we don't have to repeat the same thing over again thus it is call wisdom, make wise choices. I am a very hard worker but also enjoy relaxing as well. I am looking for someone that is interesting and stimulating in conversation not just sitting like a bump on the log waiting for me to say something. I know a lot about a lot of things but I know that I don't know everything, lol. I am always wanting to learn new things and ideas which stimulates the creative side in me, and I want to do the same with my partner, so that she is able to fulfill all of her goals and desires that she might have or want. I want us to be able to compliment each other to help us be a complete couple.
What I'm Looking For

I’m looking for a woman who is fun to talk with, easy going, who can make me laugh, laughs at my dumb jokes, likes to snuggle, who feels comfortable in her own skin, and who doesn't mind a man taking over the kitchen once in a while. I would like to meet a woman who is reasonably well educated and enjoys a good book now and then. I am not a total sports fanatic, but tolerance of watching the occasional soccer, baseball, or football game would be appreciated. If you are a sports fan, who knows? Maybe we can become fanatics together. I ride my bike daily to stay in shape. I would like to meet a woman who also likes to stay in shape.

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