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Journey is important than destination!!
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  Age: 46   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Mountain View California United States
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Geeky, kind, hardworking, appreciates values other peoples' efforts, team player as well as an independent contributor. Likes: photography, jogging, kayaking, swimming, reading, & tourism. Dislikes: Judgmental individuals, preemptive attackers, task masters, nagging women, women who take advantage of their gender for their benefit.

And You should be: Anything else that I'm not and preferably with similar dislikes if not identical :) Likes can be easily accommodated provided they are not directly conflicting with dislikes.

I have no preconceived notions of what I'm looking for, nor any standard norms to which I measure someone against. Change is imperative. those who adapt well tend to succeed in life. Surprises are inevitable & the key is to adjust to what is coming your way. Rolling with the changing tide is a core skill to navigating friendships of any depth. Also, being judgmental is counter productive. There is no right or wrong person or there are no right or wrong answers to anything. We all do what works best for us under the circumstances given our life experiences. At times, experiences can outweigh upbringing & values we learnt as a child.

Also your team playing & building skills are directly related to the sport you played as a child. If Bobby Fischer was your childhood idol then you may have turned out to be an intelligent individual but not necessarily a team player. Whereas if you grew up watching Joe Montana or Larry Bird, you've perhaps learnt to remain calm under pressure in team dynamics. Sometimes, swearing like McEnroe is helpful to motivate yourself but not when it is aimed at somebody else.

Needless to say, working around our strengths and weaknesses is what we are here for to make our lives easier. There is a superpower sitting up there that takes care of the rest. It doesn't belong to any religion nor does it have any particular name. Some call it nature, some call it god but the bottom line is, no one has control over it to claim the ownership.

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What I'm Looking For

Reasonably educated, well-travelled, non-judgmental and knows what being a woman means and at no point tries to behave like a man in any shape or form. She thoroughly understands that being a woman doesn't mean she belongs to a weaker sex and has a need to compensate that by being manly.

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