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Dime Store Wrapper, Dollar Store Quality~!
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  Age: 37   Gender: Male   Race: Mixed   Location: East Lansing Michigan United States
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About Me

My hair is long since its growing out for donation to charity. I also give blood regularly and would probably drop kidneys left and right if they regrew.

I work as a scientist/chemist, which I can proudly say largely consists of yelling at robots. Not many folks can utter that phrase. That puts me in the category of "thinkin' type" of guy (that's a fancy way to say "dork"). I wouldn't say I'm the "intellectual type" since that tends to go hand-in-hand with "condescending ass-hat". I'd like to think that I subscribe to a camp likened more to the Bill Nye variety -- full of nigh-pointless trivia.

A manly man I ain't. Ball games are snooze-fests, in my view, when compared to competent Russian ribbon work (glee~!). Folklore and mythology far outweigh sports on my scales, and I know more about fixing a cake than a car (both take oil, and that's about the extent of my knowledge). I enjoy any form of artistic output and constantly draw, sculpt, write, or doodle over most scrap paper when nothing else is available. I don't do it that well, mind you. I just do it a lot. Baking goodies is another thing I waste the hours doing. Main courses are less my focus than batches of cookies.
I love to get a laugh at any cost (usually my own dignity) and probably cross a lot of lines to crack a smile out of folks. Usually I will make jokes or light of most any situation to do so, even when I am taking it seriously. After all, if you take life too seriously, then death wins. Take that, mortality~!

Quite terrible at meeting new people, mostly since I, one, am not shallow ("Der, appearance has everything to do with someone's quality of person. Now to buy some lottery tickets~!") and, two, rarely approach people. That decision is more to not get maced since I look like my photo belongs next to one of those "Have You Seen Me?" missing child fliers, and NOT] as the child (ew, who'd want that kid back?). Also, I don't mean the spray mace but rather the spiked weapon from Ye Olde Times. Women carry those, right? I know I carry my trusty lance wherever I go. Never know when a dragon may jump out at you to steal your gold or damsel -- neither of which I have, but it's good being in the practice.

As said, my hair is growing to be donated, for those who are wondering/made it this far (kudos, no one). Actually, regrowing, as round one was already sent away. At the current time, I'm one year into at least a two year process.
So, I'm not a hippie or anything but can't make it less skeevy in the meanwhile. Well, I guess I could, but like the rest of my lack-luster looks, I'm not vain and do little more than comb and wash to maintain it. And goat-blood offers to Ba'al, but what facet of life doesn't that apply to?

While on the subject (of my hair, that is. I guess forgotten pagan gods are relevant, too [isn't that a foreboding message?]), it fits pretty well with my musical tastes which range pretty far: classical, classic rock, alternative, metal, Weird Al. What? Of course long hair is tied to the former. I mean, I guess the composers of old had wigs on, granted, but they were lengthy wigs.
My taste in metal is less '80s hair band and more European symphonic/gothic (although the prior is still rockin'). I've recently gotten pretty into pagan/folk/viking metal, and have seen Arkona and Epica twice each while touring through the locale.

Let's see, what else, what else. I guess for things that other people care about, I'm a responsible adult. I'm not one for flings or mindless carnality nor have I ever been. No criminal record, no kiddies, and no debt -- including outstanding loans or piled up credit cards (just the one and paid in full monthly). I own my car, my degree, and my place. I live by myself, no roommates or "parents' basement" situations. C'mon, dudes. Grow up. For serious.
I'm joined contrasts, really -- the sensibility and grounded reasoning of a man decades my senior paired with to-hell-with-it behaviorisms such as eating cookies for dinner (they were fresh from the oven, and there's nothing better than that).

I have a lot written here, but I'd rather go overboard than leave things spotty. The best thing I ever read on a profile here was in an equally lengthy bio that ended with, "I hate it when people just say 'I'm fun and like to have fun.' Not helpful!" In truth, I hate fun. My evenings involve staring at a blank wall while perched on an uncomfortable stool. Unpleasant, indeed.
Anyhoo, hiya. Call me Lou.

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What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for someone that I can hold a conversation with. Given that you've read the above, you can see why that may be a tall order. Someone just keeping up is fine, but if they can toss in a few oddball quips of there own, fan-foogoo-tastic.

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