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Looking for my petal princess
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  Age: 34   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Illinois United States
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About Me

I grew up with the mentality that girls want a nice guy. I busted my ass along the way with my head in the books and getting good grades. I am not the stereotypical "black guy." People know this with-in the first 3 minutes of knowing me(They are to busying laughing because of something I said). So if your into the Ghetto Guy, move one.
I love to make jokes. I am only serious when I need to be. So job, money, you know, Adult things :P. When it comes to love, I am always stopped by a girl who says either my family doesn't like black people, THEY don't like black people or something similar. I particularly am not into black woman and have an open mind out interracial dating. I just wish others had the same ideals.
I am black, but you forget any sterotypes when meeting me. It's also hard being a geek/gamer or now my favorite title "Otaku" while being black for some reason. It's what I like and it's my hobby. I do not and would never look down on someone for being different. That would be like the pot calling the kettle... well you know :P
And IF you were wondering "I'M NOT LOOKING FOR JUST SEX" this is another thing I get when trying to find someone. Sex is not the core of a relationship. I have goals. I want to run my own "Otaku" Store and do voice acting. Something in the arts. I want to be famous, but not people famous, so a voice actor.

What I'm Looking For

So if you read the top and have not run away (it means I caught your fancy lol), you know that on the first date. . . Playing pool, Bowling, something to get us talking. Then out to get food afterwards. (see, not video games and anime :P I may be a gamer, but I was raised to be a gentleman but if that's what a woman wants to do... lol) Pretty much come together and decide what what we both want to do. Gather trust at the start and go from there.


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