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Fun, Laughs, and Adventure!!
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The Basics
  Age: 31   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Seattle Washington United States
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  Black, Brown
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  Very Short
About Me

I prefer IM, its easier.

If you can make me laugh, you are pretty much in.

I am a marathon runner, when I am not too busy to have time to train :)

Like many people in their early twenties I work hard, however my philosophy is if you work hard, you have to play equally hard. On my days off I'll grab a few friends or my cousin and check out some places (like a small bar, bowling alley, or lounge) with a relaxed atmosphere and a cool vibe. I am young enough to where I can still go out, but old enough to where kicking back with a good orange or apple juice, and enjoying a good meal and people's company is great too!

After a night out I'll usually catch up on some homework, work out, and read a book that I'm interested in. Usually a business book. I hope to open my own business soon, and I think they have good knowledge to that will help me get ahead in my career.

When I'm not working or learning about business, I like to enjoy comedy. Sometimes I'll go to a comedy show, watch a clip on you tube, or just joke around with some of my friends. I love comedy and what laughter brings to everyone's life. Doesn't everyone like to laugh? Comedy to me is a total release. My favorite comedians are: Eddie Griffin, Eddie Murphy, Russell Peters, and Kat Williams. If you haven't heard of them message me and I'll show you some funny things to watch that I'm sure will brighten your day!

I also love watching movies and listening to music. Some of my favorite movies are Good Fellas, Wedding Crashers, and Forest Gump. As for music I listen mostly to Hip Hop and R and B, but have become more and more open because my friends have been sharing music with me. I have lots of music on my phone and I listen to it everywhere I go.

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What I'm Looking For

I am looking for an intelligent, fun, and open minded person because that is what I offer. I am an open book, so feel free to ask anything. Bold questions are welcome :)

The type of relationship that develops depends on how we connect.


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