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Looking for a good guy
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The Basics
  Age: 27   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: New Jersey United States
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About Me

My name is Chelsea and I am a baking and pastry student. I'm the sweetest person but I can be a b**** if i have to. I am very strong willed and mature. But i love to have fun and i love my friends and family. I'm going though a change of life. I love Philly sport teams, quadding, shopping, cooking and baking.
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What I'm Looking For

Im Looking for a guy,
Who's smile could light up my world,
Who can make me weak in the knees,
Just by shouting that im his girl,

A guy who's eyes are so bright,
and Lips are so smoothe,
With kisses so right,
I can barely move,

A guy that holds me tight,
With his big strong arms,
Who can always make me smile,
When he puts on his charm,

A guy who's eyes never leave me,
Not even for her,
Who says im all he see's,
The one he truly adores,

A guy who will run his hands through my hair,
And pull a little bit hard,
Who knows my life story,
Every single scar,

I want a guy who will be there if i need him,
With no questions in mind,
Who would pick me right up,
If i ever fell behind,

A guy who calls everyday,
Just to hear my voice,
The one I can't help but Love,
Who gave me no choice,

A guy who hears what i say,
When i don't even speak,
Who Loves me for me,
And says im unique,

A guy who wants me,
And needs nothing more,
Who's heart starts to pound,
When i walk through the door,


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