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Where have all the good men gone?
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  Age: 57   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Barrie Ontario Canada
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  Yes - not living with me
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About Me

I have spent many years trying to find the perfect man for me. Then it hit me, there is no such thing as perfect when it comes to people. We all have our flaws. Some more than others, but we all have them. Now the key thing is to find someone who has the kind of flaws that I can live with and will tolerate the ones that I have. Not an easy thing to do. I imagine those of you that are reading this sort of thing now have all been through this or you wouldn’t still be here.
I have learned during those years of searching that as “they say” don’t sweat the small stuff”, yet...”they” also say “pay attention to the little things”. So...you pay attention but don’t worry about it? Personally I think you should pay attention to everything...sort out the important stuff and leave the rest behind.

What I'm Looking For

I am not sure exactly what I am, looking for on here. I believe I will know when I hear or see it. Now you would have to have a sense of humour.When it comes to life, if you can’t laugh about things or know how to make someone laugh when they need it then you really don’t know what love is. Seriously...I just want to have fun. I want someone to wake up to and not want to get out of bed, just because they are there beside me. I want to do things and go places; I don’t care if it’s for a walk down the street. As long as the person with me is someone I want to be with. I want someone who likes to fish and camp and go boating. Someone who likes flea markets and auctions and car races, playing a game of pool at the local watering whole or just sitting at home, watching a movie or the thunderstorm rumbling and flashing outside, cuddling together in front of the fireplace or on a bench on a boat cruise around the 1000 islands in Gananoguin. Maybe going to Niagara falls for a cup of coffee or up to Midland for fish and chips at Scully’s. It doesn’t really matter to me where we go or what we do as long as it is with someone I care about.
If you are interested in any of these things, if you have made it this far and are willing to do everything from quiet moments with someone special to sitting in the bleachers at a racetrack... Send me a message. I will answer all.


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