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The Basics
  Age: 28   Gender: Female   Race: Mixed   Location: South Chicago Illinois United States
The Details
Body Type:
  Athletic, Average
Eye Colour:
  None but want some soon
Hair Colour:
  Black, Brown
Hair Length:
  Medium, Shoulder Length, Long
About Me

Outgoing By nature, I feel comfortable in situations in which I interact with others as well as those in which I operate on my own. In addition, I am capable of expressing my ideas forcefully, particularly when I am familiar with the topic or have the support of others. Depending upon the specific project I am working on, some people may perceive me as being authoritative and forceful, while others might consider me to be quiet and reserved. I am accepting of new and different approaches to tasks, procedures and routines. At the same time, I am more comfortable in situations in which expectations, rules and procedures are familiar and defined. In adapting to change, I am likely to feel in control when specific, relevant information is readily available and there is sufficient time to integrate new methods. Overall, I am self-confident, secure and calm. Even in situations which are demanding, I have the ability to take life's troubles in stride and be relaxed, resilient and self-satisfied. As a result, I tend to do well in stressful situations where poise and confidence are needed for success. Also, I am, helpful in dealing with others; I usually come across to others as good natured, supportive and generous. At the same time, I set limits with people if need be. I can also assume a tough-minded stance when independence and objectivity are required. In general, I am friendly, cordial and get along well with customers, co-workers and others with whom I come in contact. I am diligent and dependable, particularly when tasks are interesting and priorities and expectations are well-defined. At the same time, I have become bored or distracted with tasks that are overly routine or repetitive. As a result, I am seeking out work environments in which there are opportunities to engage in a variety of activities and tasks. In addition, I find it valuable to periodically review expectations with supervisors or others to make sure that my understanding of priorities are consistent with the needs of the organization.
What I'm Looking For

'm about gettin my own doin what i gotta do to get mine i'm here lookin for a man that will treat me like a queen as well as give me the respect i need to be independent...like neyo said....i want to be compliments of my mans swag...i wanna that nigga to claim me as wifey status...i want a man that can shower me with gifts like i shower him with gifts....some one i can get along with and have decent convo with him some that i can take out and show him off to my girls and family and they wont look at him as a man from the hood or the goofy from the college life...i want a man grown ass man who is not afraid of eatin p***y or cryin on my shoulder...the man i want is a man that i can call mr perfect, although in real life only 80% is perfect the other 20% is the imperfection that most women in the wold drop cause he f***ked up from time to time...so cause the 20% of him f***ked up she for get the other 80% about him that drives her crazy....i'm rambling but any way i want a best friend, a boyfriend, a hubby, and a listener....i want BROWN SUGAR.

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