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I love bagels. A lot.
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  Age: 29   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Flower Mound Texas United States
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  Stylish, Clean Cut, Scruffy   Trendy
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  Very Short, Short
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About Me

Hey! I hope you like reading as much as I like talking. So here's stuff about me. I'm a classical concert pianist. I've played since I was 6. I'm ALSO a finance major at the University of North Texas (what an exciting major right?). And I'm a day trader. And an actor. And a gamer :-P That's right. I have no reservations about kicking your ass in call of duty if it comes down to it. Be prepared.

Lets talk exercise. I love to work out. I mean I hate it... but it makes me feel good. I try to work out everyday (but some days I skip cuz If I'm feeling lazy :-P ). I've been doin the P90X for a few years, and it's pretty awesome. I can quote all the cheesy lines from the videos! So ideally I'd like to meet someone that is fit. It's important to take care of yourself ya know?

I once acted in an off Broadway play "Tony and Tina's Wedding." It was an improvish kind of thing. I played an asshole named Johnny Nunzio. I played him well... maybe a little too well?

Music. If you don't care, skip this part:
Mumford and Sons, Jacks Mannequin, John Mayer, Jet, Muse, Rooney, The Outline, Rogue Wave, Pheonix, The Shins, Shiny Toy Guns, Cage The Elephant, The Graduate, Angels and Airwaves, and now I'm tired of naming bands. I'm into plenty of different genres, I just listed what popped into my head first.

If you've made it this far, good job. It's a lot of reading and I hope I haven't wasted your time. You're patient. That's awesome.

So basically, I like to talk, I like to listen. I'm big on good conversation. I'm the kind of guy that would basically do anything for his girlfriend. I've been cheated on and lied to, and I know how it feels so i don't do it, and I expect whoever I'm with not to do it. But then again I'm pretty gullible and usually end up trusting the wrong people so that can be a problem. These about me things can paint a funny picture sometimes, so maybe you should just get to know me for yourself huh?

I'm on this site because between teaching piano lessons and hanging out with my close friends, I don't meet a whole lot of new people. So carpe diem and all that nonsense right?

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What I'm Looking For

Someone who doesn't mind where they are as much as the company they are with. I'd like to meet someone sweet/interesting that cares about fitness to some degree. I'm very active, I wanna hang out with someone who can keep up, maybe play some tennis sometime haha.

lets change this to bullet format. Preferences:

likes to talk
added bonus if you are short. haha if you're an attractive tall girl, then sign me up. But I just have a thing for short girls sometimes.


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