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County Guy looking for an Honest Woman
Online: 2067 days ago   Updated: 2067 days ago   Joined: 2416 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 35   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Delta Utah United States
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About Me

Hi I am Nathan,
<br />I am 30 born and raised on a farm in a small town way out in the Country in Utah population 12,000 in 10+ towns in 1 County.
<br />I enjoy Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Photography, paint balling, video games once in a while, Deep meaningful conversations , rock crawling, hunting and about anything outdoors. I am the kind of guy that I like to find meaning in everything. music movies people etc I am Christian I am a really deep thinker and think very much outside the BOX.
<br />I have never been drunk, I have had a drink once in a great rare blue moon....
<br />I would rather date a girl that dressed modestly then a girl did not.. ( helps keep the mind out of the gutter)
<br />I don't think you need to go to college to make it somewhere in this life its all about you're willingness to learn..... and you can learn doing about anything
<br />I have learned how to : cook, work on cars/4x4s, welding plumbing, about anything with computers, Investing, running an ebay store, electronics, farming, running heavy machinery , all around handy man.. I know I am far from perfect on anything but I am always learning more.... I am also interested in alternative medicine like Herbal cures to medications etc God gave us plenty of ways to solve health problems... to many medications you get from doctors have so many side effects and no im not talking about smoking weed.I am have very strong views on life liberty and freedom
<br />
<br />

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What I'm Looking For

Someone honest who likes the outdoors preferably Christian. can be best friends with... thinks outside the box.... .bbbbbbbbbbbbb

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