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I don't know what to put here.
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The Basics
  Age: 28   Gender: Male   Race: Hispanic   Location: South Carolina United States
The Details
  Occaisional smoker
  None but want some soon
Sexual Orientation:
Hair Colour:
  Red, Brown
Body Type:
Eye Colour:
Hair Length:
  Shoulder Length
About Me

Name: Robert Veliz
Age: 21 (22 In August)
Sex: Male
Height: About 5"11
Weight: N/A
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Religion: None, i don't need a religion to tell me whom to believe in.
Marital Status: Single, never married.
Looking for: Long term, meaning a girlfriend.
Purity Status: Virgin, never been with a girl before. (xD Loser, i know.)
Wants: Faithful, local(Or one close enough to drive to see me.) Loyal, Etc.
Dislikes: Whores, Sluts, Bible Humpers, Stupid People, People who think they are better than me.
Likes: Music, Video Games, TV, Anime, Manga, Laying around (I don't get out much.) Big boobs (xD)

Side Note: I don't believe in marriage, yet the thought has never seemed wrong. If there is a woman (Not girl) out there whom'll change my mind, i would be happy to marry them. Also, i am not here for a girl whom'll always want sex. I believe there are other ways to relieve ones self of sexual tension. I don't mind if they smoke, or do drugs. Just nothing hard, that'll become deadly. You do that, your ass is dying on the floor you fell on from the overdose.

Also: Zombies come, i'm tripping you. (u_u xD)

What I'm Looking For

I am looking for that one whom'll love me for me, no matter how i look or how "Inexperienced" i am sexually. Maybe someday.

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