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Looking for a good hearted woman.
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The Basics
  Age: 36   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Pekin Illinois United States
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  Yes - not living with me
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About Me

I'm a very loving person. I love doing little things to show my love and appreciation for the woman I'm with. I'm very laid back and love to laugh and make those around me laugh too. I love to be active and just about anything outdoors I am happy doing. I'm also just as comfortable being indoors holding the woman I love. I'm sure by now all you woman have heard the same old stuff, So I'll give you the oppurtinity to ask me anything and everything that would convince you to message me. Obviously you don't want a liar, cheater, hyopcrite, jerk, or phony. So heres my self test 1)... Am I a liar.. nope, (unless you ask me if you look good and even though you know you don't I will always say you look amazing) ..2).. Am I a cheater...nope, (unless it's cheating time away from myself to spend it with the woman I love) ..3) ..Am I a hypocrite...nope (unless your doing something life threatening then I will say don't do that, here let me do it for you) ..4) Am I a Jerk...nope (unless I'm defending you, then I'd be a jerk to the other people)..5) Am I a Phony... nope (unless...Oh wait there are no exceptions here...)
Self test complete ... So let me ask you .. Did I pass?

What I'm Looking For

Im looking for someone to show my love to, somone who is caring and not a cheater or a liar. Somone who will show interest in my life and I will in there's as well. Also somone who like to go out and do things and not just lounge around all day though on some days that is okay.

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