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I promise chivalry is not dead.
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  Age: 27   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Clarksville Tennessee United States
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Last Updated: 04/16/2011

NOTICE: If you are a cheater, beater, or just looking for sex, keep on looking because that’s not what I am looking for. ALSO: If you are someone who will talk to me, and start to make a connection and then decide to start ignoring me and leaving me hanging, DON'T EVEN TALK TO ME. I am so fed up with being lead on my people. I am looking for an independent girl who knows how to take care of herself, by herself. I have had relationships in the past where I was the independent one of the couple which is hard work. Here are some of the qualities I am looking for in my potential soul mate:

- Independent (Has a job or is looking for a job. Has her own vehicle. Pays her bills, etc.)
- Trusting (Someone I could tell me deepest secrets and not hear them back from someone else)
- Respectful (Especially towards their parents)
- Open Minded (Especially open about major health conditions I have)
- Serious About finding their soul mate
- Mature (Very responsible financially, physically, and mentally)
- Slightly Immature (Able to have fun, because who doesn’t like acting like a kid sometimes?)
- Well taken care of teeth (Kinda a pet peeve for me, can’t stand tooth decay)
- Likes Dogs (I have a Boston Terrier, her name is Daisie. She’s my girl)
- Big Heart ( ? )
- Good with Kids (I have 3 nieces and 8 nephews.)
- Wants Kids (I am going to be a father some day. I want my own family)
- Decent Education (Not much for high school drop outs)
- Christian (Don’t have to be too serious, but at least have a relationship with God)
- Preferably Non-Smoker (I never really liked smokers :/)
- Someone who either doesn’t cuss, or doesn’t cuss all the time.
- Beautiful (Yes, beauty is only skin deep, but I have have to have some sort of physical attraction)
- Someone who thinks this list is kinda funny because it looks like an application lol

I have settled with less too many times, and I am NOT doing that again. This list may grow… call me picky if you’d like.

I have some health conditions you do need to know about. Feel free to turn away after reading this and continue searching for someone else. I have valvular heart disease, and may need valve replacement surgery around the age of 30, maybe sooner. It is a dangerous invasive surgery with high risks. I also have had seizures, which are believed to be caused partially by the heart condition. It is also a pinched nerve in my neck from a car accident. Visits to the chiropractor seem to eliminate the seizures at least temporarily. JUST SO YOU KNOW I AM NO CHARITY CASE! So please don’t feel bad for me. My ideal match must be prepared to witness seizures, which can be violent, and scary. My ideal match must be able to take care of me when I am in this condition of having seizures... NOT AN ALL DAY THING, lol. She must be able to make SMART decisions, and financially be smart. I am wanting to meet an intelligent, ambitious, beautiful girl who knows what she wants.

I am into all kinds of music, mostly rock... lots of country and Christian rock and some rap/hip-hop. I absolutely LOVE road trips, I have plans someday to take a Cross Country roadtrip, and who knows... you may be invited.

I dedicate a lot of my time to my organization and we are making a difference. I kinda like the fact that someday I will be able to share the accomplishments of this organization with someone, so the person must be open minded about it, and must be caring enough to put forth effort in helping me.
The organization is People Against Youth Death (PAYD). I recently created the organization in late March 2010, but within the short period of time, it has lifted up so much, and is beginning to gain recognition throughout the state of TN and the rest of the US. It is not very big yet, so if you haven’t heard of it yet, that's probably why, but one day you will... trust me on that. And just a heads up, this is something I am extremely proud of, so please excuse my conceded comments over it, lol.

Now, if you have actually read all of this, then you passed one of the tests lol. If you read this whole thing, then you are a good listener (Reader) lol and that is one of the qualities I want in my potential soul mate.

MY QUALITIES (What makes me unique)
- I was raised the old fashioned way.
- I am a gentleman. In other words, I open doors for people, including car doors.
- I have been on the flip side. I know what its like to be mistreated and abused by your significant other.
- I may not be the neatest person in the world, but I do have standards.
- I tend to have a “country” accent.
- I am really skinny, and easy to pick up.
- I am really good at noticing suspicious activities of my significant other and it worries me… probably more than it needs to.
- I am honest (Otherwise I wouldn’t be including my flaws in “My Qualities”)
- I am a Christian. I may not go to church as much as I’d like, but I do love God.
- I am easily entertained.
- I am ambitious.
- I am sometimes lazy, but not all the time.
- I am not too much for playing video games, because I get easily addicted.
- I live with my mom and older brother.
- I used to live on my own.
- I am divorced (Long story, will tell you when you ask me about it.)
- I get picked on a lot because of my size, but I don’t hesitate when it comes to defending myself or someone I care about.
- I am not too****, although I rarely have that kind of attitude.
- I respect my parents. Sure, they aren’t perfect, but they are my parents.
- I like to say “Yes sir; No sir” and “Yes ma’am; No ma’am”
- I tend to be really busy trying to balance my work life with my personal life and my PAYD life. Don’t worry, you won’t be left out.
- I like to have a relationship with my significant other’s family.
- I am turned off by whiny attitudes when someone doesn’t get what they want.
- I can’t stand when someone sounds as if they include “ah” at the end of words. For example: “Why-ah!?” and “Stop-ah!” (Goes with the whiny attitudes).
- I may be picky (If you couldn’t tell)
- I tend to be a picky eater.
- I love Italian food.
- I love junk food.
- I love Mello Yello.
- I tend to be conservative on my money when it comes to me, but have the tendency to loan money out to everyone. (Working on that because I never get paid back).

MY JOB: If you made it this far, you have one more obstacle to dodge. I am a car salesman at a Dealership in Clarksville. I tend to work 50+ hours a week. There will be days that I have to go in to work on my days off to finish sales and whatnot. I have learned that these hours are not good for "immature" relationships. If you can not deal with not being able to see me all the time, please move along. I do not need the added stress of someone getting mad at me for my job.

Now... if you have successfully read this entire book and you are interested... what are you waiting for?

What I'm Looking For

I am looking for an independent, faithful, serious, loving, caring, sweet girl who will accept me for me. As far as details, see the "about me" section. Has ALL the details.

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