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Looking for my Juggalo, but you dont need to be!
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  Age: 31   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: orange county California United States
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  Yes - living with me
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About Me

hi im jewelz. im 25 years old with a two year old boy named ayden, he's my world and nothing could and will come between us. so know this you must LOVE my ayden if you LOVE me. anyway....i live in irvine with my parents for now. i work at pizza hut in irvine as well. badass job! although pizza is addicting! lol espeshally after you were there. ive been working there for almost a year now and i love it. i love music. its my life and soul it soothes everything about me. when im stressed or pissed off i listen to my music and feel sooo much better. i love psychopathic records, TWIZTID!!!!!! or insane clown posse, blaze ya dead homie, abk, boondox, dark lotus, psychopathic rydas, they all the SHIT!!!! Anyways, so i love the beach and mexican food is my favorite. i love the spa and of course havin a bowl or two at the spa isnt a bad thing either. yes i smoke weed, yes im a mother too, and YES I HAVE MY CARD! So if you dont like this part of me...well bounce and keep lookin for another lady, instead of this sexy lady here! ha! you loose! i smoke ciggarettes as well, so if you dont like that either then bounce. i DONT DRINK, i just never got into it and it was never my thing to end up puking at the end of the night after drinking wayyyy too much!!! anywho...i love family guy, south park, American dad, ugly americans, etc etc. pepsi is my favorite! i hate coke! i have tattoos and had some piercings. now that ive become a mommy i don't have a few anymore. but i still have one or two. and my tattoos...well shit imma keep going with more tattoos!!!! i love ink! especially COLOR!!!!! so if your interested in what you see, maybe we can spend the night in my spa and blaze it! let me know.
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What I'm Looking For

hmm a guy well a nice guy. someone who likes me for who i am and what i am. i love who i am, and thats important to me. so if you dont like something about me and want to change it...well it'll never happen. i want to be able to be myself around you and never change that.

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