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Humorous student looking for fun in Turku.
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  Age: 31   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Turku Länsi-Suomi Finland
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About Me

Vaikka olenkin pääasiallisesti kiinnostunut paikallisten ihmisten tapaamisesta, kirjoittelen kuitenkin englanniksi. Kaikki varmaankin ymmärtävät.

I'm a part time student from Turku with a good sense of humour (at least that's what I like to think). Ok, everybody say that they have a good sense of humour but I just wanted to mention it since I think that sense of humour is very important. And to make my description just a bit longer.

My friends have told me that I'm nice and I have to say, that being nice and kind is my intention. I've also heard that girls prefer nice guys despite the popular belief to the contrary. Would you be willing to prove them wrong? ;)

I'm not a follower of any religion but I don't mind what others believe as long as they aren't fanatics. I find it a bit sad though when people let religion take the control of their lives.

I excerceise variably inconsistently. Mostly weight training or running to keep in shape. I would like to have a girl as a workout buddy and if you're interested you can suggest an alternative workout venue too.

I have a deep interest in music and it's creation. I dream of composing my own pieces of music but I find my skills and free time a bit lacking. I've been trying to incorporate my interest in music creation to my masters thesis too. I have also played some piano but I haven't practiced in a while so that's not something I can show off. I really should pick it up again.

Besides my actual job as a software engineer, I'm trying to work on my masters degree in - you can probably guess - software engineering.

I'm also working on my social skills and hoping to gain new and exciting experiences. That's why I'm on this site. Maybe I'll even find a few new friends or even something more. I would like to discover some interesting new hobbies so if some girl is in need of a activity partner, do send me a message.

Most of my favorite music was composed by the great classical composers in the common practice period. That doesn't mean that I'm completely out of touch with the contemporary music though and one group that I'd like to mention as my interest is Estradasphere. Perhaps to seem a bit more indie :) Occasionally, I'm also known to enjoy some metal.

Something I like to think about: Paradoxes! Here's one fitting to the theme of the site:
I love all the lovers who don't love themselves.* Do I love myself?
If you can see the paradox, message me you philosopher / mathematician / just - plainly - smart - and - or - logical - person you. If you can't, message me anyway and we'll discuss. If you don't give a crap, message me but mention that you just want casual sex.**

* This statement is purely hypothetical.
** This sentence was composed with a hint of humour in mind; You may contact me for casual sex even if you do care about the paradox ;)

What I'm Looking For

A girl (a woman if you prefer) around my age (say, 18-30) near my area (Turku).

I'd prefer someone who isn't too uptight. Perhaps one with an open mind and a sharp tongue. Someone who doesn't have furry pets; I'm allergic :(

Go ahead and contact me if you are looking to have some fun. Or if you're just bored. Or even if you aren neither. You know you want to :)


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