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wanna bone!?
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The Basics
  Age: 32   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Pennsylvania United States
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About Me

3 dudes who aren't picky. men or women, we'll do pretty much anyone!

a few turn-ons:
men: must be kinky and buff! we all like a guy who can toss us around in the sack.. who doesn't?! big dicks please!
women: we prefer the ladies on the larger side (200+) but if you're little we can probably work with you too.. we're also big on cougars. so basically if you're big and wrinkly -- get ready to bone.

we can ride solo, sing a beautiful duet, or be the tripod to your asshole/vagina.

meet the 3 of us: (numbers (located next to each name) are coded (except for 1 and 0) to match the letters on phone keypads because actual numbers aren't allowed to be posted! sorry for the inconvenience!)

Eric (): age-24, appearance: 5'8", short light brown hair, blue eyes (you can put in a special request! :: glasses on or off??) "i'm little, but i know how to get the job done. i can pleasure you like no other."
Steve (): age-24, appearance: buzzed brown hair, brown eyes, 6'0" (new to the marines!) "the world is my rodeo and with my dick as my lasso, you'll never get away (nor will you want to!)" sidenote: steve tends to "YEEHAW" when he cums.
Taz (): age-24, appearance: short, dark brown hair, 5'8" brown eyes, tan -- "i can add a little flavor to your orifices with my bengali background!" sidenote: taz can make you experience things you've never experienced before with his bengali culture!

as kim possible would say: "call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me!" haaaaaaayyy!

so yeah, take your pick, and call anyone of us or all of us! can't wait to hear from you! feel free to email for help with the numbers!

no need to wineanddine just plenty of time to suckandfuck!

What I'm Looking For

anyone with a vagina, dick, asshole, or mouth that wants to bone. we're really into buff, kinky guys. or big cougars, but really, we'll do pretty much anyone! so call us and lets fuck!

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