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I am looking for some who likes to cuddle
Online: 2711 days ago   Updated: 2711 days ago   Joined: 2711 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 27   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Patcham Brighton & Hove United Kingdom
The Details
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  Casual, Average
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  Bi-Curious, Lesbian
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About Me

Hey my names Sarah and I love to role-play, read books, surf the net, draw anime and read books. I can also do basic HTML and would love to learn how to make layouts. i am a vegetarian, I will never eat meat or fish or meat/fish flavored things. If you wish to know me ou need to respect this and ether not eat meato or fish round me or be vegetarian like me. If you wish to be with me you must also accept my best friend louise and that she will be around, if i want to hang with her then deal with it. SOmetimes i cant be with you every single day. That is one of the things that ended my last relationship, they were unable to accept my friends and stole me away from her. Turned me against her.

I lie to go pride each year and have fun. I also like to go shopping and such and do painting on canvases of anime and draw anime. I like to write fanfictions and currently working on my own story

What I'm Looking For

I am looking for someone who will treat me right and not let me down. They need to accept my friends and that there will be times when i want to hang with you both at the same time. MY best friend Louise is the most important person to m, she has stuck by me through everything.

I am looking for someone who likes to cuddle up and watch a movie and takes me out to dinner on the od occasion, and be the classy person who pays for it, its just common sense and right.

you should be able to understand that i love the harry potter books ad everything about it.
If i ramble on about things please tell me as i generally dont tend to stop until someone does tell me.

you need to be willing to listen properly as some people i know dont, i will quiz people on things ive talked about the previous day or week to see if they were really listening.

you just need to treat me right and restore my faith in being in a relationship and accept i would like to take things a little slower at first due to my disasters last relationship of which i dont like to talk about that much.


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