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Everlasting Faith!...but ask me of what kind...
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  Age: 30   Gender: Male   Race: Hispanic   Location: plano Texas United States
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  Clean Cut
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  Very Short
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About Me

Here is a taste of the kind of person I am..."Humanism is the creed of those who believe that, in the circle of enwrapping mystery, men's fates are in their own hands--a faith that for modern man is becoming the only possible faith." D. 1933.

“He was in essence pagan: All was right with his world! His love was absorbed by Nature, and his wonder by the Great Starry Scheme he felt all around. This was God to him; for it was ever in the presence of the stars that he was most moved to a sense of divine order. Looking up at those tremulous cold companions he seemed more reverent, and awed, than ever he was in the face of creeds or his fellow man. Whether stirred by the sheer beauty of Night, or by its dark immensity swarming with those glittering worlds, he would stand silent, and then, perhaps, say wistfully: 'What little bits of things we are! Poor little wretches!' Yes, it was then that he really worshipped, adoring the great wonders of Eternity. No one ever heard him talk with conviction of a future life. He was far too self-reliant to accept what he was told, save by his own inner voice; and that did not speak to him with certainty. In fact, as he grew old, to be uncertain of all such high things was part of his real religion; it seemed to him, I think, impertinent to pretend to intimate knowledge of what was so much bigger than himself.”

— John Galsworthy, "A Portrait,"...

What I'm Looking For

An honest simple girl for an honest simple guy!I dont ask for much just a good hearted woman with goals and aspirations that does not judge and is very understanding of the many differences in peoples lives compared to hers.

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