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I still believe in something real.
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The Basics
  Age: 49   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Texas United States
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  Slim, Average
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About Me

I want to make a real and lasting connection; a connection of the mind, body and spirit. I want to explore, push boundaries, laugh, learn, and feel comfortable enough to do nothing together, to just be.

I am happy with my life and a happy person in general. I am in no rush to get into a relationship just for the sake of being in one. I'm good on my own and have a full life. So, I am taking my time to find the one for whom I will be their ideal and vice-versa. I have put some effort into my profile to that end, because for me it is about much more than a picture and location match. Don't you agree?

So who am I?
I am the girl next door, the mom at the park, the silent one who smiles, the thrill of the chase and the blushing maiden conquered. I am outspoken and also shy, simplicity and complexity at once. I can say that while my private tastes are not vanilla, they are not the determining factor in who I have friendships or relationships with. I need common interests and general compatibility in order to be stimulated.

I'm a pretty down to earth and laid-back kind of girl. I can be found hanging out around the house with a good book or working on various home improvement projects, doing stuff with my kids, hiking through the woods somewhere looking for new treasures or stargazing. I like to play darts, and if I go out I much prefer the hole in the wall quiet neighborhood bar to the noisy club. I think just about anything tastes better on the grill. I'm open to learning about your interests and will join in as I can, but I'm also one who values some alone time, so if you'd rather go fishing alone... no problem there. ;)

What else? I was suddenly widowed January 2003. It was a few weeks after my son's 2nd birthday and a few weeks before my daughter's 4th. We're better, but forever changed. The babies are now 9 and 11. They are the joy and focus of my life. I have a lot of other interests... but my kids are always my first responsibility and where my loyalty resides.

On the spirit: I am not a religious person. I am very spiritual, though. I don't have any set-in-stone beliefs... because after all none of us really knows what the answer is. I meditate, I lean towards a belief in reincarnation, I think there is a higher power and strive to connect with it, I don't believe in the devil or boogie man, heaven or hell. Nature is my church, my body is my temple. Your beliefs, likewise, are your own and I respect any choice you make in your spiritual path. All gods are one God. The name that man gives the spirit are irrelevant.

I am opinionated yet open minded, adventurous, and very particular about the kind of people I want in my life. I am stubborn unless you're one of those rare individuals who's intellect and demeanor commands respect, in which case I am very much more inclined to (most happily) listen and take notice. ;)

Life is too short to waste. Let the little things slide and stick to your guns on things that bring your life the most value. Cherish and keep your true friends close and those that have nothing positive to offer at arm's length. Don't look back in regret or forward in fear. Simply accept today as the gift that it is, and live.

The list: Music, Power Exchange, Spirituality, Quiet, Reading, Endorphins, Painting, Home Improvement, Rock Hunting, Knowledge, Pilates, Being Goofy, D/s, Meditation, Hands, Bird Watching, Psychology, Balance, Solitude, Darts, History, People Watching, Friends, Rollerblading, Hiking, BBQ, Homeschooling, Writing, Me, Coffee, Learning New Things, Respect

One last note: At this point in my life, I am old enough to know exactly what I want, young enough to do something with it, and wise and stable enough to make it last.

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What I'm Looking For

The man who will capture my attention is confident and comfortable in his own skin. He is laid back and easy to talk to, with a genuine smile and a warm heart. I am seeking a man who is assertive without being arrogant. Comfortable in the outdoors, family oriented, sometimes goofy and sometimes serious, he is as flexible and down to earth as I am. I need a man who can be sexually adventurous and in control in the bedroom. Someone who isn't afraid to just be himself, whoever that is. :)

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