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Happiness is worth nothing if it can not be shared
Online: 2738 days ago   Updated: 2739 days ago   Joined: 2739 days ago
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  Age: 30   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Piaui Brazil
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  None but want some soon
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About Me

I joined in sixsingles probably for the same reason you joined: looking for that ''special person'' that makes your life complete, your "other half". A life without love to me is a life that is literally a dead end. We would not have been in this world is not because of love of two people to each other.
I do not want to quarrel with the world, but if one day this happens, I have forces sufficient to show him that love is ...
He is above the hatred and rancor, and no victory without humility and peace.If you are selfish, materialistic, opportunistic, coldhearted, lazy and only looking for someone who serves as an ATM for you, so there is no need to come knocking on my door.I have the freedom to say what I feel to a person, you can tell someone how he is special and important to me, without having to worry about others ... Without running the risk of injuring one or more people with that feeling.
I will one day be able to tell people that nothing was in vain ...
That love exists, it is worth it to friends to donate to people that life is so beautiful, and I always gave the best of me ... and that it was worth.

What I'm Looking For

First True love means to me deep love, respect, honesty, transparency, trust and good communication. These form the foundation of a successful, lasting relationships, in good times and bad times.It is so important to me that work you do. You can be an independent business man, employee, bar man, student or other. I do not judge a man by the work he does, but his character. If you work (ed) as a bar or similar job man just so you can take care of your family: I respect the sacrifice you made: it is not an easy task. I think it will be a good husband and father, because you show that you are a person who puts the care of people before you love yourself.Being a caring, loving, honest and reliable person, that is what is important to me. You do what you say and you say what you do. You believe that love comes first in a relationship. Are you prepared to do its part in building a future with the person you love. You are optimistic, medicine. You are curious by nature and open to learn new things. If you recognize yourself in these descriptions, then you can be the man I'm looking for.I just want my feeling is valued.
I always have a smile stamping on my face, even when the situation is not very happy ...


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