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  Age: 54   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Phenix City Alabama United States
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  Yes - living with me
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About Me

Iam originally from England, I left the U.K. when I was 24 to go and adventure and live in Germany for a year but I ended up staying for 14 years until I came to the States in 2003 - funnily enough, I think I am home now, although, sometimes I become acutely aware of the socioeconomic and cultural differences between rural England and small town Alabama and find myself yearning for the cultural diversity of a more cosmopolitan environment.(If you can read between those lines and relate we will get along just fine)

I have a busy life, work and my children ensure that but we are at a point now where I can make time to reclaim some of my former pre-parental identity . I tend to take good care of myself, I go to the gym every day after work , its the one self indulgence I insist upon, I love to travel when possible, love the beach, recently discovered the joys of kayaking (read paddling across the lake - not white water/knuckle rafting) I enjoy riding my bike , I like to walk (strolling hand in hand and the thigh stretching power/exercise type), I love to dine out (pretty much enjoy most cuisines but my favorite is Indian Food), going to the movies, reading and if I had more time I would love to write more- blogs/editorial etc. and my all time favorite ...relax, read the paper or a book in Starbucks or Panero Bread on a Sunday morning. I can quite happily live without the club scene - I have been there and really over-done that when I was in my 20s and 30s .I would love to go to the Opera,the Ballet or the Steeplechase occasionally just to remind me that there is still culture out there.
I have learnt that life is all about balance and I now find my self really excited about making new friends and hopefully finding someone that I can totally connect with to build a lasting partnership with. My children will always be a priority (they really are pretty cool kids, still quite young and very typically boyish as can be witnessed by the dirtbike tracks in my yard, the bb shot holes in the trash can and the fire cracker scorch marks in my mail box !!! - all of which have caused me conniptions !) but we have room for one more person in our circle and plenty of room surrounding us for new friends.

What I'm Looking For

I am looking for that one person with whom i can feel a seamless connection with , someone that gets me , someone that slots into my life effortlessly, who excites me and comforts me, someone that i dont have to worry about or wonder about someone that i can trust with my life and the lives of my children - i am looking for my missing piece .

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