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i am not bad ator we you like to know me
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  Age: 37   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Pavia Italy
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You will need to fill this in befoLove, sex and relationships! We all want to be loved, appreciated and have pleasure and fulfilment in our lives. God gave us all the capacity to love and be loved, to have special friendships with others. He also gave us a sexual nature, and sexual desires. This was not just so that we would keep the human race going, but also because God wanted us to enjoy oneness with a life partner. This unity is actually a very powerful symbol of the way God wants it to be between us and Jesus Christ. That is what the Bible teaches!re you can start messaging other members
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You will need to fill this in before yoSex is a gift from God. It is not evil. But it is a powerful gift, and it can be abused or perverted.

Sex is like fire. In your fireplace it can keep your house warm. But if fire gets out of control it can burn your house down. It can even kill you. Sex is like that. Lots of people have now died of sexually transmitted diseases. Modern man may mock, but the best way to avoid diseases like AIDS, syphillus and others is to limit your sex life to just one lifelong partner who has not gotten infected with these diseases through promiscuity. And until you find that person, abstinence won't kill you. In fact, it will release a lot of creative energy which you can apply to achieving in many areas of life.u can start messaging other members


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