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looking for a relationship
Online: 1725 days ago   Updated: 1729 days ago   Joined: 1729 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 29   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: North Dakota United States
The Details
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  A few extra pounds
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About Me

I am a loveable and cuddly man with a very big heart and a good soul to go with the heart. I enjoy making people feel good everyday and i like to listen to people's problems and try to help them in any way that I can.
I like to make sure that everyone I care about is taken care of in anyway that I can because like I said I have a good heart and a good soul.
I do have a few problems I am afraid of driving because I have A.D.D and I have motion sickness some days so I have to take medication for it on Road trips or on rides at the fair.
Im a fun guy to get to know and when I need to be I'm serious but I never try to hurt anyone with my other problem I have bipolar and it makes me feel really sad when I'm alone and it makes me depressed but the anger I can handle.
All in all I'm a good guy and one of the last that shows silvery is not dead yet because I always try to help with heavy things and I open doors when I can or if I can.

What I'm Looking For

I am looking for someone who won't judge me because I can't drive or because I am always depressed when I have a death in the family or when I'm alone for a long time.
I'm looking for a woman who is able to love herself for who she is. A woman who won't change herself for anything at all.
I would like a woman who can love me for me and not for what I was before I came here.
I want a woman who could help me over my fear of driving and hold me when I'm having a bad day.
I want a woman who will let me make her happy when she is sad and would let me show her how much I love her when the day comes.
I want a woman who will always trust me and feel safe when I'm around her.
I want a woman who won't look at my past and judge me for it.
I want a woman who I can take to my father and say I love her and want to marry her.


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