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difficult to find someone if you don't message
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The Basics
  Age: 27   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Washington United States
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About Me

Name's Robert. I support all kinds of art; very rarely will you hear me spurn art, unless it's abstract. I'll admit there've been some good ones, but that wierd primary color/simple shape shit and the spattering crap a 3 year old can make IS. NOT. ART. Before I set any big goals, I'd just like to get a fuckin job. All and all, I'm really average. The only "unique" things I can think of is that I was raised by my mom and grandma, so I've got like a fusion of male and female mentality. I was a ghost for my entire junior and high school career. Music-wise, I'll listen to anything, but I prefer Metal and Rock. There's some Opera I enjoy, but I have to be in the mood and Country if I run across a really good one. I can't stand rap music, but there are a few old Hip Hop songs i find really catchy.

I'll admit that I'm really wierd. I've got a demented sense of humor which makes people tend not to like me. I like weapons for some reason. Their appeal is so strong I've got a couple folders filled with drawings of them. I've also got a knack for writing smut. I'm very much an animal and nature lover, though not enough to convert from the natural omnivorous diet humans are meant to be. (Cows and chickens taste too good) =9 Another thing is, I've got kind of a hard-on for videogames. ^^; I may enjoy videogames, but I'm not so obsessed with them that I'll pick them over my special someone.

If you wanna know anything else, email me.

What I'm Looking For

not really that picky, actually. someone nice, openminded, excentrics always welcome, and someone who can enjoy just sitting around and reading. No "gangstahs" though, cause I've had some bad experiences with people from school.

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