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I am an easy goIing guy who will make you smile ;)
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The Basics
  Age: 32   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Rockledge Pennsylvania United States
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  Scruffy, Average
  Occaisional smoker
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Hair Colour:
  Blonde, Brown
About Me

I am your average dude. I am intellectual and lackadaisical. I go to school for Psychology and am about to finish my associates and transfer to Temple. I started late and am fortunate enough to receive financial aid so I intend on going long term and becoming a Psychiatrist. I will be a Dr someday mark my words, that is my intention. I am interested in many things. I enjoy films, music, cooking, video games. standard stuff. i am a very sexual guy though honestly. in case you havent noticed yet, i am very forward and blunt. some like it, others despise it. sorry it how i am, a leopard cant change its spots. i say "babe" a lot too its just in my vocab, sorry. guys i say dude and girls i say babe. of course only when the situation is warranted. i'm an old soul and i have been with women 22 yrs older than me. age and race are insignificant to me. i promise multiples if given the privilege of that level of significance. believe me i will not disappoint.
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What I'm Looking For

i enjoy all types of women. i am an empathetic person, which is why i go the psychological route in my studies. i like open women who communicate easily, an effortless thing. i like; nurturing, caring, intelligent, loyal, sexual, creative women. i have been with several forms of creative women and thats where i seem to have the most success. the "dreamer" type i guess, like me in a sense i suppose. actresses, dancers, singers, artists o have been with them all. i would like the "sweet" to my "sour" lol. if you know where a line like "yes, i take it grey with cremium" comes from i suspect we will have similar senses of humor. but i do have a sarcastic sometimes dry wit. please no women who like drama or games. i wanna find my soul mate, my eternal love. i dont want a fly by night operation but i also dont desire a long drawn out courtship full of hoops i must jump. just be real babe and i will be as well, no worries

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