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  Age: 32   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Pennsylvania United States
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  None but want some soon
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About Me

I'm a girl who loves to have fun and loves to be introduced to new things. I am attending college to become a teacher. I love kids and working with is something I would really enjoy. I think educating them is something we need to do because the teachers I had didn't even care about teaching. I love music. The lyrics to certain songs are so meaningful and i love listening to the different types according to my mood. I love to sing along even if I'm bad :). Its not about having good vocals its a form of expression and about having fun! I dye my hair, I see it as an artistic style. I keep mentioning art and all and thats because i love art, I love drawing and painting and i recently took a ceramics class and now love to sculpt.
I am not the greatest looking person but in my opinion looks shouldn't matter, personality is what I look for. I have hazel green eyes, shoulder-length dark brown hair-sometimes has a color in it, recently it had purple highlights. I am not the thinnest person but I think that should change and have started to go to the gym to fix that. I don't dress up all the time, I hate shopping. I look for something comfy looking, jeans and a t-shirt, maybe a hoodie. I'm not a slob I just like to be comfy rather than uncomfortable and flashy.
I have lived a good life. I grew up being made fun of but I had a great couple of friends. I don't think you need many to be happy as long as the ones you do have are true friends. I have had one boyfriend in my life and that ended suddenly. We had great times but that's in the past.

If I didn't mention something that you might be curious about please just ask? thats how a conversation can begin!..hint hint haha sorry i can be a bit sarcastic

What I'm Looking For

I have been hurt before as far as guys go and right now I'm just looking for that special someone who I can talk to, have fun with and trust with my life. I am looking for that one that I can go to for my serious times but someone I can go to when I want to laugh as well. I am the one that you treat me the way you want me to treat you. I love to laugh and giggle. I get a little hyper sometimes and giddy but thats something i can't change nor do I want to :)
I love to have a good time, but honestly a good time to me is simply going bowling, or mini-golfing, a conert or a movie, or out to dinner. I'm not picky as long as we are both having fun thats good enough for me. I'm not saying other things wont be fun either I'm open to other things as well. To be honest I'm not one for the beach but maybe that's only because I'm not super comfortable with my body and appearance yet, but like i said early that is something I'm starting to work on.

Simply, if you don't care too much about looks or can hang in there until the looks arrive, love to laugh and make others laugh, love to help others, and love music and just love to have a good time but love to also just hang out and relax sometimes and are looking for that one special someone to relax and cuddle with on the couch with some popcorn and a movie or go out and have fun then maybe we could be good together. So talk to me and we will both hopefully find our someone! =)


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