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i want love and happy life
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  Age: 53   Gender: Male   Race: Mixed   Location: New York United States
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About Me

The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom to me so i know i fear God. I am young at heart,with a very big and tender heart to love and show feelings and happy go lucky but Complicated and fussy are 2 of the more nicer thing's that have been said about me, but I like to think that I'm a polite, caring, humble, and a true Capricorn, a all time person and at 44 I know what I like! I am a fun, easy going, Broadminded, Intelligent, Some even say witty! Loyal guy,
i am a widow and lost my wife some couples of years ago,i'm an easy going person that likes to try most things atleast once. i have a kid that is living away from me,i have a good work so am so independent, am never afraid of working hard just to make sure that i can meet upto my ecomonical and commercial need and to also help others am capable of helping.
I'm easy-going and don't play games. I'm generally very happy and think it would be nice to share the way i live my life with someone. I consider myself outgoing and smart. I'm not afraid of hard work and usually do it with a smile. I have an excellent life, wonderful friends, and a loving. I live well. I grew up abroad, have traveled a lot and love living in the states.
I love adventure travel and animals. I have a great group of mostly foreign friends and I see them often. We eat out, see movies, travel, sometimes go to clubs or bars and sometimes just watch TV or chill together.
I'm smart, emotionally strong, and almost never get sick. I try to be beautiful inside and out. I recycle, volunteer, give blood and sincerely believe that we can all make a difference.
I am a nurturer, I like to make people feel safe and I'm at my best when I have someone to help or a problem to solve. I am warm, empathetic and great with people but I'm also logical and tend to think pragmatically. I clean up nicely but love getting dirty. All in my life i have learn to move on with what i have in life. i want a woman that can feel the same way i feel, a woman that will know that i am a man and can always make mistake, i want her to correct me if i am wrong and not to hook on my mistake.
Somethings i may be shy and wink at you please this show that i am interested in you and if you feel this too kindly mail me and you can also tell me if you are not interested too.

What I'm Looking For

The fear of God is the begining of wisdom so i am looking for a woman, my woman must fear God Someone who would be there for me in the good and the bad times. Someone who has a big heart. Big enough of a heart that when I screw up she can forgive me. Someone that is grown up enough to know that no one is perfect and we all make mistakes and we all need forgiveness.Someone who can see the soul of the man she falls in love with and knows she can trust him. Someone who is always faithful... Someone who can take a joke and give it back. A woman who can laugh and even laugh at herself without being ashamed. Someone who does not play games...someone who is honest. Someone who tells it as she sees it. Someone who hates to argue and can sit down and calmly talk about the problem with her mate and can come to a compromise with him. Someone who doesn’t always have to be right in her opinions

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