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I am ergo I want...
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  Age: 62   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Milford Illinois United States
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  Yes - not living with me
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About Me

I am the man created in God and that walks in the world. I Administer a multinational organization, I raised all my children as a full time working Dad that still made all the school plays and events, held them when they were ill, and raised them up when they were down. I own my own home, truck, boat, even tractor, seek to live an Honorable, respectful life and catfish when time allows.

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What I'm Looking For

The lady I seek will not spend her time finding or making drama. We will be the adults we are. She will be interesting to talk with, share life with, and cuddle with when the urge takes us. Other than possibly minor children, family will not come first in your life except in times of sickness or of course weddings and childbirths. What? You think I don't understand? Relationships where one or the other mate are not more important than Aunt Martha's cat do not last. I seek a lasting one.
I am not interested in Cyberdating or fantasies as I live in the real world. Life is for living so we should do so, not hide in an electronic world.
I enjoy dining out, not fast food burgers.
I am desirous to find a woman that makes life even more pleasant to travel. If you wish to meet an interesting man then you should pay attention. I am not egostistical, just know I have done more than your average guy and plan to enjoy even more in actions and deeds in the world.


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