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I want a name when I lose
The Basics
  Age: 54   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: philadelphia Pennsylvania United States
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Body Type:
  Clean Cut
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  Yes - living with me
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  Shaven, Bald
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About Me

I believe:

In the final analysis all food is soup - and you can't prove its not;

Conversation should be a sport;

That "you never get out of the boat, not unless you're going
all the way."

That 99% of everything is crap, but that last 1% is so
beautiful it makes everything else look good;

That people were a mistake, they were a bad idea from the
beginning, it was never going to work;

That concepts like Truth, Beauty, and Consciousness are
more real and substantial than the toilets that we sit on and
the concrete on which they rest;

In the strategic deployment of experts to resolve

I'd rather be hated for what I am, then loved for something that I'm not;

That Pat's is better than Genos, but Tony Lukes is better
than both;

That somewhere on the Second Plain of Hell there is a seat
reserved just for me, and that makes me feel special;

That the liberal application of truffle oil is a culinary cop out,
any half assed burger jock can dump oil on an appetizer and
and call it Tapas;

That Life without music would be a mistake (F.W. Nietzsche).

About me:

I work hard, play hard, and I'm not good at remaining still.

Tend to be sarcastic and apparently lack an ability to filter (I'm sorry was I not supposed to say that . . . ) so to the unfamiliar I may appear arrogant and offensive - but I'm really modest and charming. I've been told (politely and sometimes not so politely) that subtly isn't a strong suit either. Blue pinstripe is though.

Somehow my friends end up being people who have very different views than my own, so if you rate on this site as an "enemy" you're probably his friend.

I have three kids that are my world. They are my raison d'etra; an apology for an otherwise apparently pointless existence.

Running and working out are a big part of my life: favorite running conditions? 36 degrees, rain and heavy traffic. I love the outdoors and get out whenever I can.

My friends have called me a "walking contradiction", I read philosophy and history but laugh out loud while watching reruns of Beavis and Butt Head. I prefer to listen to Techno Dethmetal on Slacker Radio while driving to the symphony. They all swear I'm a nice guy, but I'm quite sure I'm not.

I'm fortunate to be where I'm at in life - I have a great family, friends and the best job in the world. I even have a good relationship with my STBX.

We are more likely to connect if you're active and like running, training or generally doing something that is arguably athletic (kissing for example). If you like good beer, good food and live music we're getting somewhere. If you can talk me in circles, get "in my face", enjoy calling me on all my BS and put me in my place (when necessary - and yea, sometimes its really very necessary) then there is serious potential.

I'm looking to make friends and see where it goes. To find someone who I'm good for and thinks I'm fun to be with and whose fun for me to be with too. Something relaxed and casual.

Similar interests are good but what's most important is a real mental connection - without being able to have a great conversation by the fireplace and not realize its 4:30 its probably not going to work.

Fair Warning: I'm pretty straight forward - you likely need to have a serious sense of humor, irony and sarcasm if you're going to enjoy the experience. I like to be pushed - strong personalities apply within.

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What I'm Looking For

I'm looking to make friends and see where it goes. To find someone who I'm good for and thinks I'm fun to be with and whose fun for me to be with too. Something relaxed and casual.


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