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ill know its right cuz music will play,right?
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  Age: 44   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: New York United States
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About Me

lets start with the most important, i have 3 kids 2girls 1 boy who live with their mother. yes they are around alot. that being said, well get into me. i play softball in summer though not nearly as much as i used to. i love to play darts. thursday afternoons is darts with the guys. but girls are allowed. i love action movies and horror movies. i read alot, mostly sci-fi and horror. i like dragons(i know geeky) and star wars(geekier).but im not a geek. i build machines for a living in a large factory here in rochester. i like summer and i hate the cold. hunting and fishing bore me to tears but i like boating and am considering taking up hiking. i like 80s heavy metal and some of the newer hard rock, but i can listen to most anything for awhile except for older country and rap. i totally fall for women with sexy eyes. dark hair and blue eyes especially. but not a must.

i drink beer. out of the bottle. you can drink all the wine you like but if im drinking something sweet it better be rum and if its dry it better be vodka.i dont do wine. if i had a dog it would sit in the car with its head out the window, it would not fit in a carry bag. side note to that men should never carry bags. if it doesnt fit in my pocket im not bringing it. i wear shoes or i go barefoot. sandals or flip flops are not an option and most assuredly not with socks come on guys really?yes i tend to be sarcastic. some people love me for it. some people hate me for it. i am who i am. i like to build bonfires way bigger than necessary. i like to watch things explode in movies. winter sundays were made for football. but despite all that i can cook. i have a bit of a sarcastic streak and vegetables are for salad not pizza.

if all your pictures show you and another woman but dont specify which one is you shame on you

are women taking a class on what to write on these profiles. they are seriously starting to run together. yes we know kids are most important, we have them too. youre not looking for sex. and apparently the new in thing is good grammar. dont leave messages that just say hi. us guys gotta have something interesting to say, so why dont you? i think the last 10 messages i got were either hi or how are you.

are you still paying attention. did you read this far? what is the midgets name in game of thrones.(i already know just thought id ask a random question to see if your paying attention). i love that show. book even more so. ttfn said the tiger

addendum to above, for some time now i have sort of brushed off messages and such from women in buffalo because i felt it was kinda far away. but seeing as rochester isnt exactly paying off big maybe i should reconsider...

What I'm Looking For

someone attractive(to me, cuz yeah everybodies attractive to somebody) honest, nearby, doesnt mind kids that arent their own, isnt going to critique everything i write like theyre my 3rd grade english teacher, and importantly someone to share life with ultimately not someone to take care of like theyre a fourth child

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