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are all the good ones taken
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  Age: 40   Gender: Male   Race: African   Location: North Carolina United States
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A LITTLE ABOUT ME I STAND @5'10 I'M HAITIAN AMERICAN FROM WASHINGTON DC LOVE TO TRAVEL HAVE A PASSPORT OWN MY OWN HOME, CAR, I LISTEN TO ALL TYPE OF MUSIC LOVE REGGAE & SOCA. HOWEVER, WHAT I'M TRULY LOOKING FOR IS THAT ONE TRUE LADY THAT KNOWS WHAT THEY WANT OUT OF LIFE AND CAN KEEP IT ONE HUNDRED EVEN IF THE TRUTH HURTS. I GUEST YOU CAN'T ASK FOR ANYTHING MORE SO HIT ME UP & LOVE really is about people coming together to support each other. All the little trick an games they play to get their needs met are just that, trick and games. It would be so much simpler if we honored ourselves and trusted our partner enough to ask for what we need. instead, we wait for them to figure it out, if they don't,we hold them responsible. What a cruel trick! When we let our partner know up front what we need we have a greater chance of having the need met. We must know that our need are important. Whether its a hug and kisses foot rubs reassurance or hershey syrup and whipped cream our needs do matter. Onces we let our partner know what we need, we must accept their honest answer as to whether or not they can meet our those needs. if they cannot,we must then decide if these are the people we want in our live.
Finding and beginning a new relationship can be difficult. ?It is particularly difficult when we are carrying baggage from past reaction's. We are told that it is not good to carry past relationships into the current ones. You know that. But how do you free yourself from that which is part of you? You don't. Yet you can unpack the baggage. You can take a look at the pain, guilt, fear. You can look it dead in the face and see it for what it is the past. Its over. Most of us are stuck in the memory, ideals pain or trauma of past relationships. We hold everyone responsible for the things someone did to us in yesteryear. We cant seem to put the baggage down ,overcome the disappointment or forgive the past. And we cant figure out why we end up in similar relationship, the identical situation or with a broken heart. What we draw to ourselves is what we are! If we are hurt, angry, in pain, confused, disappointed or lonely we will attract mates who will bring more of what you already are. We can only draw to ourselves the beings on our ray. If our ray is dark and dismal we will attract our reflection. if we want to move beyond the pain of past relationships we must stop crying about them spot thinking about them. Without the shame, without the blame you must look at what happened and know it does not have to happened again. It is only when you refuse to look refuse to release that you have experience added to your baggage collections. There is another point you often forget when moving into a new relationships no matter how painful the past has been you made it through

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I am looking for someone that loves kids. Love to spend lazy days with someone special. I like to try new experiences with someone of equal enthusiasm.


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