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Dazzle me with my soulmate
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The Basics
  Age: 29   Gender: Male   Race: Mixed   Location: Maryland United States
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About Me

I am sweet, very kindhearted, loving, goofy I am passionate at everything that I do. I love to enjoy life I love to explore new surroundings. I love life itself. I am sensitive at times but only under different situations. I am very creative I am creative when it comes to making cakes, pasteries my friends tell me I should be a baker LOL... I love to cook my family who lives with me say's they always enjoys my homemade cooking... Especially when I ask them if they would like a second plate" LOL. I love to read especially on "rainy days I love to curl up on the couch and read a good book romance novel"..."Umm so cuddly" I am Mixed with spanish, and black african american. I am a very comfortable person to be around I love to listen to other talk I am a great listner when others are communicating with me. I love to travel its fun and exciting I have been to Michigan, Delaware, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, Virginia, and Ohio. I would love to go to Las Vegas, Paris, Hawaii, Florida, California, Jamaica, The bahamas, Georgia, and China. What most people be love about me is my smile because I light up a room full of people when I smile I bring joy to others just by smiling I love to talk when I am excited I am shy at times. I love learning I I don't know what I would do if I did not learn I learn new things everyday. I am a great mother to by beautiful daughter. Personally if a man can not except me for having a child he can leave my page now I am not being rude I am just being real. I am the type of person who excepts someone for who they are if they have children that fine because children are gifts from God and children changes a person life some for good and some people think for the bad but let me say this my daughter is my Joy of life... I love her to pieces'' I don't know if this site is for me but I will be patient and find out. I must say this if you feel like leaving me a message please so I will respond I promise please don't be shy this is the realist I can be LOL...

Adding on to my profile I am the type of women who takes care of home first
I wash, clean, cook pay my bills on time I dont go buy shoes, purses, clothes etc... knowing I have bills I am going to be very honest and I dont kno how much more I can be.... Im looking for my soulmate someone that is willing to share a life with me and only me... I dont need a man that is insecure about anything he needs to show me that he is all for me and his children if he may have some or not.... I need a man that is willing to stand by my side and say Honey I got You..,, At this point u feel my drift

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What I'm Looking For

I am interested in a guy who is smart and is ready to have his soulmate by his side makes me happy and the same for me that I can make him happy. Willing to explore the world only devoted to me willing to except my child just like he would his own loving, caring, special, and a devoted husband. Make me laugh and feel comfortable and willing to support me in all my dreams that I accomplish in life and goals. I an willing to do the same for him as well... And for him to know that it is only about us... So if you think you are him please don't b afraid to message me...

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