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Nothing serious too fast, let's just chat for now.
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The Basics
  Age: 43   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: New Mexico United States
The Details
  Yes - living with me
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About Me

I have two children that I adore, they are ages 12 and 16. My children and I are very close and we have a very close bond with great, but not perfect, communication. I love being outdoors. I love live music and dancing. I have and love a sense of humor. I am a Christian woman seeking a Christian man. I am very family-oriented and love doing things together. I love the beach and water. I love animals. I enjoy reading, when I have the time. I love school, I am awaiting my opportunity to begin attending college again. I would like to study media arts, psychology, and english/language arts. I don't consider myself the greatest, but I do love to write. I have written some poetry and seem to have a few fans, and I intend to write a book in my future. I love to travel. I am looking for the man I'll spend my life with, not a fling. I love sports. I like being the homemaker as opposed to having a career; I like to be there for my family; however, I am independent and do not need a man for his money. I am attractive, so I've been told. I care about the way I look, but I dress for me and my man, no one else. I am conservative in my appearance, but I like to feel good about myself and how I look, too.
What I'm Looking For

I am looking for a mature, responsible man that has similar personality traits and interests as I do. I want a man that is hard-working, but not a workaholic. I prefer a man that is artistic of some sort, but that can watch football games, (GO PACKERS!!!!!), and be physically active outdoors with my kids and I. He should have respect for and understand women and trials and tribulations in life; I understand this may seem far-fetched, but I know there are some of you men still left in the world! I need a man I can trust, someone who isn't afraid to be honest or express himself, respectfully, of course. I do not want drama, I just want to have a peaceful, yet complete family and life. Must be good with and understand children, as well....very important!!! I want someone that I can enjoy, have fun with, laugh with, and yet be able to face the unpleasantries in life as they come. I am a problem-solver, I need someone that can and will resolve issues, non-abusively, as they arise. I know life isn't all peaches and cream and I don't expect prince charming, but I do need a strong, secure man that can romance his woman and show her a good time. I need to be able to enjoy life, not always have an unresolved issue that linger and destroy a good thing.

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